Crash Log Tags

So in my last blog I talked about how I set up a system to auto-report crashes from Unity to our servers. How to grab the stack trace and group them all up.

It was working great but it was missing a couple of things.

Say I get a crash that gets reported 10,000 times.. I want to break that down to find out what OS it’s happening on, what GPU, how much memory etc etc. This is useful when debugging crashes because if a crash is only happening on Windows XP it really narrows shit down for creating a repro.

Also, say I fix a crash. I want to be able to tell I fixed it. What’s useful here is a graph of the number of types of report over time.


Automated Crash Processor

I’ve written an automated crash processer about 4 times. Every time I’ve had to google how exactly to do it. Every time I’ve thought to myself “fuck me, I wish I’d written this down”.

We’re getting a bunch of crashes in Rust. When unity crashes it drops a folder in the game root with a dump and a log.


Stalkers and Abuse – Part 5

Sorry for the delay on this. I was actually starting to feel sorry for Andy, he’d emailed me some stuff and I thought he had regretted the stuff he’d done. But that turned out to be a temporary thing. So on we go.

I was trying to be his friend, to help him, but I didn’t feel like I was getting through. He had become obsessed with dating sites, and wasn’t having much luck. He wasn’t taking rejection well, and was routinely getting into vicious arguments with the women he was propositioning 30 minutes before. He started forwarding these conversations on to me. I don’t know why – because they never put him in a good light. He still considered me a friend at this point, he would email me multiple times a day with random thoughts, and I’d pick one or two to reply to.


Stalkers and Abuse – Part 4

So I decided to tackle Andrew head on. To win him over, and be on his side. That way I could stop him contacting my friends and family, calm him down, keep an eye on him, possibly improve the life of his parents. I could turn a negative into a positive. I’d be becoming the internet babysitter/social worker I didn’t want to be, but the positives outweighed the negatives.