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Unity Viewmodels

We have some nasty hacks in Rust. One of the nastiest, most intrusive hacks is the viewmodel system. The Usual Way The common sense way to render a viewmodel would be how games have...

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Baby Gadgets

Before Alex I had no idea what kind of stuff we had to buy for him. Now I’m a well educated expert. Here’s what to spend your money on.   Get this book. I’m...

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Valve VR Demo

A lot of people asked me to post about what happened in the VR demo. Valve say it’s cool to talk about.. so here we go. I was initially under the impression that the...

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Steam Dev Days : Day 2

Here’s what I learned in the second day of Steam Dev Days. Trading is something we need to do for Rust. This is something we really need to think about exactly how we go...

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Steam Dev Days Day 1

I’m gonna make a summary of things that I feel like I’ve learned from SDD, day 1. I don’t know how much I’m allowed to say, so I’m only really going to reveal shit...

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I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been a busy bugger. People have started to email, text, tweet and comment asking me to make a post. So here it is.

Is Paypal Slow 28

Is Paypal Slow

Ever since I can remember Paypal has been the slowest website in the world. Is it just my account that’s tainted with this, or is it the case for everyone?

Stop Programming 27

Stop Programming

Last week I had to tell one of our coders to be more lazy and to work less. This probably sounds like a crazy thing for a boss to be saying.

Grand Design 36

Grand Design

Some point before Alex was born I decided that my current house isn’t big enough. It’s three bedrooms, but the master bedroom is upstairs. That is fine but with a new born baby we...