More Android bitching

There’s another thing about Android that annoyed me that I didn’t mention in the other post.

When I heard about Android I imagined a kewl OS like iOS, made by Google, on a phone. Like iOS you’d get periodic updates that would update the entire iOS and make it even cooler. If you had a new phone it would be exactly the same OS – just on a newer, faster phone. All your apps and settings would be the same, just transferred.

Except in the real world it doesn’t work like that. Google kicks out Android, then Samsung or whoever get it, modify it and add a bunch of junk all over it and then kick it out.

The handset providers want to make their phone stand out – so instead of having a generic OS on the phone with specialized versions of Android on each handset. Which is kind of a lesser version of how it was before Android where each provider had their own OS.

The only slight advantage nowadays is that you can root your phone and install a custom build of Android on it to get it exactly how you want. But it’s 2011 – who the fuck wants to mess around doing that shit?

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