Visual Studio for Lua editing

I’ve always used Notepad++ for Lua editing. It did the job, I was used to it. I liked it. The problem is that when you have a large project and you want to quickly jump between files and search for stuff it kind of slows you down.

So now I use Visual studio. Here’s how.

1. Install Lua syntax plugin
2. Generate Project files using Premake.

Obviously premake and visual studio weren’t exactly made for this shit – so you have to fool it a bit. Here’s my premake files (you don’t need to download anything else).

Basically I have a folder called ‘proj’ next to my garrysmod folder, and the premake script looks in “../garrysmod/lua/*” and adds all the lua files. It’s a lot faster than adding them all manually.

And when your files change you just run the .bat again to syncronise the project files.

<3 premake

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