GMod Broke Routine

I have developed a routine when GMod breaks. 

  1. Wake up, see all the messages on twitter and email
  2. Post on twitter acknowledging
  3. Get out of bed and test it to make sure it’s broke
  4. Post details on
  5. Shower, head to the office
  6. Double sausage and egg mcmuffin on the way
  7. Download Valve’s latest code
  8. Merge it with GMod’s code
  9. Compile & test
  10. If it doesn’t work make it work
  11. Compile for linux and mac
  12. Build depots
  13. Upload depots
  14. Announce update

I think I’ve got it down to an art now. I know that even if I finish the patch within an hour it will still be about 7 hours until Valve will wake up and be able to push it out anyway.. so I tend to just take my time and enjoy it nowadays.

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