Holly Holly, Get Dolly

I got audio working in Holly yesterday. Check out the output here. (tumblr won’t let me embed it, blargh). I now know a lot more about raw sound data.

I made a quick web tool to embed a raw sound file into a c array. I know tools like this already exist but now another one does.. ONLINE. This is the kind of ouput. That’s the sound file you’re hearing in the video above. I didn’t want to include it as a file, so it’s embedded in the code.

And to show I’m not just jerking off, here’s what Holly does when integrated into GMod. I got some work to do on the sound syncronisation, but it works. If you’re wondering how it is to use.. you just bind a key to “vid”. You press it to start recording, then press it again to stop. And it outputs that exact file that’s linked there. Woop! It should work with Source Recorder too. And you can completely control it via Lua.

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