Question: Optimized Libraries

Here’s a programming question for you.

I’m put Bootil on my linux and osx build servers, and have it building automatically every 15 minutes. It builds 4 different versions, a dynamic release, dynamic debug, static release, static debug. Then it commits any changes to SVN.

This all works great except for some reason the static release changes every time it’s compiled (on both linux and osx). Does anyone have any tips? 

At first I thought it might be a function I’m using (like using a date macro), but I’m not doing any of that – and surely that would affect the other builds too.

Maybe I should only be building when it detects an SVN revision change? I guess that’s the normal done thing – although it does complicate my system. I’d prefer if I could get this working so that binaries created from identical code end up being identical.