Cheaters in GMod

People ask me – how is it possible to cheat in Garry’s Mod? It’s a sandbox game – right? Well yeah – the sandbox part is. But we have lots of gamemodes right now. Gamemodes where wallhacks and aimbots ruin the fun for everyone else.

So a few days ago I turned on a system I made similar to VAC. VAC works great for other games – but it can’t easily detect Lua hacks in GMod – because they look pretty much like GMod’s own code. But my system can.

Since cheating is obviously wrong – so those cheating obviously knew what they were doing was wrong – I have decided to be harsh. Once you’re detected and you’re on the list then you’re banned from all servers (unless they remove the cheaters.cfg – which is up to them). This is the only workable way to prevent people from cheating.

Here’s some of the feedback I’ve got:

Hello Garry.
I must be honest in this – I bought SethHack more then 4 months ago. I got banned for saying the hack is shitty and disrespecting members. Would it be possible for an unban? I don’t cheat at all anymore.


I don’t cheat anymore isn’t an excuse.
I have had my 2 accounts banned from joining garry’s mod servers for sethhack. I have not used SethHack on ether account in months and didn’t plan on using it again. I was wondering if there is any way I could get unbanned. I will not use it again now that people will be getting stopped. Please let me know if I could work something out as I own lots of games on the steam accounts and enjoy playing Gmod.
I know it sucks, but you shouldn’t have cheated.
First off, i want to make it clear. That what you are doing here, is illegal. Banning people from other servers, using a system that is probably unreliable, and the fact that you are not using the VAC system, that all the players have said yes to, that they will not hack. Is also a violation, if the players on that list have been tagged as a “non hacker” on in VAC. You cant just ban them because you see fit. It is also a violation of the human privacy rights. You have violated every server that this has been applied to. By going in and changing their in their CFG folders.

Now, i know that making the system public so that the individual server owners could use if for their servers would be easy to patch. But, remember that you have secretly implentmated a system that bans them, with out their approval. It is not legal garry. Would be like, if i go change your router to only let in the people, that i believe is not trying to communicate with your dog, and making it barf all the time..

Astonishing insight from another cheater.
So there it is. You’ve been warned.

81 thoughts on “Cheaters in GMod

  1. If it was your own, locked, server you could have just enabled client side lua. Shut the fuck up. You cheated and you got banned. Deal with it. If all you want to do is play in your own private, locked. server you can remove the ban file.

    To all those saying he should remove it from Private server, you are retarded. You don’t need to use third party software to cheat in a Private server. You can enable the cheats through console. Deal with your ban and reconsider the internet.

  2. Yes, hundreds of people who hacked are complaining. But if they had did it in a private server they would have had to use software to cheat. They can enable it from console.

    Deal with your fucking ban you scum.

  3. Magic stfu you just have been complaining about the other hackers who, by the way, were hacking on their own servers. So you can go and die in a pit of fire and go rage while playing COD loudmouth dumbass.

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  5. I will be honest, Fucking fix your shit. this is redic, get a life. and stop being the king of everything, if you really dont like people hacking running clientside scripts. fucking disable lua_openscript_cl. I cheats so what?

  6. The idea of a person hacking a great game such as this sickens me to the core, I mean how long do you think garry took to make this incredible game? To you hackers I say shame on you.

  7. King, you little pig. Shut up and mind your own business if it isn’t your business. Get out of Cupcake’s face and leave these forums forever while you’re at it. It’s for the better.

  8. King you are an absolute retard. Why should they be banned for cheating,when it is their own private game. It was not on a public Multi-Player server, It has affected nobodys gameplay, they are not getting an unfair advantage over others by using it in a localhost server, therefore why should they be banned. I have seen you post multiple times telling them to “Deal with it”. It is wrong to call them cheaters because they tried something in single player.

  9. I found this update thread by accident and I have this to say.

    I have noticed that when GAC has a ban wave Garry talks about weeding out the hackers and blah yet then he puts the game on sale afterwards to he can be a money grubbing whore. While I do agree that Hacks do ruin games I do not agree with using it as an excuse to lander money from players.

    Also people who are saying that players who used hacks in Single-player or a Private Server should be banned are dumb-asses. How does using something to mess around by yourself or with friends privately and not on a public server constitute a justifiable ban?

    It doesn’t for the simple fact that in any other Source-Engine game that uses VAC it doesn’t ban you in a Private Server or Single-player when using Hacks. So why should the poorly made GAC do this?

    A note to all the Hackers that were banned for playing on Public Servers. You most likely used a Public Bypasser to bypass sv_allowcslua to run some dumb LUA Hack when you should have made your own Hack in C++.

    I did that. I launch my Hack, join any game, and press the specified button to activate. Similar to Counter-Strike: Source Hacks. No muss. No fuss. No LUA file or Bypass needed.

    ~ The Man Who Pisses In Cornflakes

  10. PS: I have yet to be banned by anything Garry has thrown at Hackers. Bring it on. :3

  11. he only plays rust now and i get that cause its fun bust garry gmod is better D:

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  13. Why the fuck wasn’t I banned through the first AND second ban wave? You detect shit. You blacklist shit. Like all the lua made anticheats …. Great job ya’ yard.

  14. I have saw a cheater who banned me from a lot of server and do god mod, flying and banned a lot of peaople too, fuck you alice62160!!!!

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