I posted this video last week – but it’s a good look into what I’ve been working on.

Basically entity driving. You can get in an entity and drive it around. This is nothing new in GMod, remember melon racer? Well – there’s a slight difference.

In melon racer it was a physics object and the game added velocity in the direction you were facing when you pressed forward. This worked but there was lag. It didn’t feel very nice.

The new system I’ve put together uses the Source Engine’s built in movement stuff – so movement is completely predicted and nice. Just like when you’re moving the player around. It feels the same at a 500 ping as it does in singleplayer.

I’ve designed it so that gamemodes and addons can easily tap into it and use it – for whatever reason. You can define multiple drive modes and choose which one to use when starting drive mode on an entity. It all feels really natural.

Here’s the drive mode that’s used in the video above (well, this is an up to date version – but same idea). I commented my code good :D

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