Toybox Torrent

So, I had the toybox stuff downloading in the background yesterday.. and it finished some time yesterday. All together the content is 36GB. That includes 21GB of maps, **2GB **of models, **10GB **of materials.

I know there’s people who would say “only torrent the top 10%”, but that goes against the whole point. This is all for the guy that uploaded their map 3 years ago and don’t have any other backups of it.

The torrent is available here:

It’s obviously huge and not fully seeded yet, but it’s there if you want to jump on for the ride.

36 thoughts on “Toybox Torrent

    1. Sorry, you can’t install it. I don’t know what buu342 was thinking but this is 36GB of addons that broke two years ago. If you followed his advice and put it in your addons folder, please remove it immediately or at least remove the “lua” folder if you want to just keep the content (for whatever reason)

    1. Can please give me the link of toybox plsss!
      Cause i dont wanna to download this
      Size was 36 GB!!!!!
      Please give me the link
      Bless You <3

  1. Hey for all of you who want gmod 12 back and its maps, there is an gmod 12 ressurection program going on at steam called Llamamod 12. The game has already ben relased with its minium props (only Basic props) but othervise the old addons DO WORK on it.

  2. This is probably long gone but has anyone still got the complete torrent? If someone has and they don’t mind could they please seed this? I’ll continue to seed once it finishes downloading.

  3. THANK YOU!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST THING ANYONE HAS EVER DONE ON THE INTERNET THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! you may think nobody would notice and that this page was dead but i miss toybox :( now im gonna download this thanks alot man im like amazing YOU ARE AWESOME

    1. Doesn’t work for me either. I don’t see anything on “weapons” “NPC” or in “entities”

      Please help

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