Why Javascript? Why not, say, python? Javascript’s always struck me as uh.. I’unno, a language we use because it’s accessible and easily interpreted, not because it’s “good” in any way.

I have a web programmer background, so it’s something that I’m used to. I like javascript, I like how close it is to c. It’s also got a lot of investment behind it – because it’s used everywhere.. so you’re not going to struggle to find super fast implementation.. like Google’s V8.

It’s safe to say that there’s more things I dislike about Lua than things that I like. It has been really good for GMod, but it seems like a lot of the language choices were made to be contrary rather than for any actual reason. Table indexes start at 1.. There’s no += -= *= /=. The block comment syntax is INSANE.

As for python, I have no experience in it. The only interaction I’ve had with it is when some open source software requires you to install it for some reason. I’m not really a fan of it’s syntax. I like my curly brackets,

My ideal scripting language would be c syntax with benefits. That’s how I see Javascript.