So we’ve seen what we CAN do with this new Kinect input, which is amazing by the way, but HOW are we going to do it? Will it be a tool like the balloon or weld tool? Or will it require console commands?

I’m not a fan of forcing people to use console commands. Here’s how it works..

Spawn a ragdoll:

Hold ‘C’ and right click on it:

Choose ‘Control with Motion Sensor’.. and it spawns a kinect model.

The ragdoll will be orientated according to this model. You can drag it around with the physics gun, or the gravity gun (or weld it to something etc).

You can right click and go to edit properties – if you feel like exploring a little.

Then just stand where the camera can see you.

That video on the bottom left is something I added today. It’s enabled with the sensor_color console commands right now – but I’ll add menu options for it before release (which will probably be next week).