Christmas is comming. How do you celebrate Christmas and could you post a photo of your Christmas tree (if you have one)?

I’ve lived on my own for about 5 christmases now, and I’ve never had a christmas tree before. Not because I hate christmas or anything, I just never saw the point. It’s like buying yourself a birthday cake.

But Sarah has been bugging me about it – and really wanted one.. so we got one this year. I didn’t want to have a christmas tree in my loft all year around – because I know that next year I’d be thinking “fuck that old tree lets get a new one”. So we got a real one. I think it’s probably the first real one I’ve ever seen.

I think the fake ones probably look better, but that’s probably assumed. The real one hurts.. which they don’t tell you in the movies. It’s really spikey.

And they were out of white lights. After sitting in the room with it for half an hour you can’t see the colour blue anymore.

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