What’s do you think is the best iPhone app

I like the SMS app a lot

2 thoughts on “What’s do you think is the best iPhone app

  1. but, it’s so buggyyyy and awkward and it lacks basic features or has half-bakedfeatures:

    –you can’t block people.
    –you can’t modify the members of a group chat after it has already been created (i.e. as you can on skype)
    –it is highly vulnerable to exploitative activity; it can easily be crashed by messages of extreme length or even small amounts of spam. this is a well-known problem (ars technica even wrote a mini article on it like a month or two ago) and yet it has persisted since imessage’s conception.
    –due to the way it handles contact information, you can end up having a conversation with one person split up into separate conversations.
    –there’s no easy way to see the timing of messages, and no way to see timestamps for individual messages.
    –if you are reading the backlog of a conversation, and a new message is sent to the conversation, the iphone doesnt give a fuck how far up you might have scrolled or what you’re trying to do; it will aggressively force your conversation to be scrolled all the way to the bottom. with group discussions, it is virtually impossible to catch up on a conversation you missed if one is still going on.
    –every time you open the app it will automatically go to the conversation with the latest unread message no matter what, meaning that if you like to have read receipts enabled, you will be forced to reveal that you have read a message. creates awful social situations if you need to get to a different conversation and don’t have time to talk to the other person messaging you.
    –images with transparent backgrounds will be placed on a black background when viewed fullscreen, which very often renders them invisible or mostly invisible to the user.

    yeah basically i’ve been forced to use imessage for a year simply because its what my friends were already using, and it has slowly infuriated me to the point where i am surprised i have not yet embedded the goddamn device in a wall.

  2. sorry that was uncalled for i just have a very passionate hatred of imessage. when it is working properly, imessage is pretty nice i’ll admit.

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