Wiki Redoosh

I’ve been reconfiguring the wiki over the last couple of weeks. This has not gone down well. The change is too much, people want the old wiki design back. Which is usually the case with anything I change.

So what did I change and why.

The Design

I do not like the regular wiki design. It’s great for wikipedia – but we’re not wikipedia. I want to cut out all the bullshit, and show only what we need to show. This ‘only show what you need to’ mentality appalls everyone but me.

The Side Bar

One of the things that people missed a lot of was the bar on the left of the screen, with the navigation stuff in. So I added one that is a million times better (then broke it, so I can’t show you till I fix it again).

Editing Functions

The old wiki was very template heavy. It made adding and editing function definitions a total pain in the ass.

So with a bit of effort I managed to contort the wiki into providing forms to fill and edit these definitions.

As you can see, you can fill the form in, add as many arguments, returns and examples as you like, reorder them, and click on save page. 

The page gets generated all nice.

You can even click on Edit With Form at the top of the page to edit it using the same for. 

Now, compare this to the old way, trying to write this from scratch.. or even edit it!

| Name = constraint.FindConstraint
| Namespace = {{Lib|constraint}}
| Realm = Server
| Origin = Lua

| Name = constraint.FindConstraint
| Description = Returns the first constraint of a specific type directly connected to the entity found
| Returns = {{Type|Entity|constraint}}
| Arg1Name = ent
| Arg1Type = Entity
| Arg1Req = true
| Arg1Desc = The entity to check
| Arg2Name = type
| Arg2Type = string
| Arg2Req = true
| Arg2Desc = The type of constraint (eg. "Weld", "Elastic", "NoCollide") 


As hard as it is to believe – the old forum wasn’t using categories at all. All of the library pages were hand made, and hand maintained. This seemed really stupid considering categories do this for you automatically.

Plus you can do some cool stuff.

All these are automatically generated. So if you add a function using the form – it will automatically appear in the appropriate categories.


I’m really happy that I took the time to look over the wiki.. it’s gone from a huge messy mess, to something that seems organised and manageable.

I know a lot of people hate the design, and hate the whitespace, and hate the curly fonts. But you guys hate everything immediately after I change it.

If not you can always use one of the alternate wikis that have been made in protest of the changes.