We signed on with a couple of recruiters to try to find decent programmers.

It feels a lot like a dating service. They send us an email with the candidates vital statistics and try to explain why they think it will work between us. If we tell them it won’t – they try to convince us that it will.

It’s working out alright so far. We’ve had a couple of good leads.. It helps that the recruiter doesn’t get paid unless we hire someone I guess.

All that said – we don’t have to pay the recruiters at all if they don’t introduce us. So if you’re a decent programmer, live in or want to move to the West Midlands (England) and want to work for us then shoot me an email to

15 thoughts on “Recruiters

  1. Have you considered trying to pull talent from Universities that have good Computer Science/Computing and Games Development degrees like my uni (Plymouth University)? This is the perfect time to do it as they’ll be looking for job after they graduate.

      1. All you should really do is get in touch with the teachers at a Uni, you’re right next to Birmingham so perhaps as like a trial get in touch with Birmingham City University (who do Computing, and some game development too) and just say who you are, and that you’re looking for people interested in games programming for a job after an undergraduate degree or whatever it is you’re looking for. If they’re good and co-operative, they might be able to help work some stuff out with you, involving sending students portfolios to you or you going in and looking at portfolios. You could probably do this at several places, I know Bolton Unis games department encourage this kind of thing.

      2. Best thing I can suggest is just contact the unis by an email address from their websites, explain what you’re looking for and then they should forward it on to the right person/people.

      3. Whatever you do, don’t bother with anyone from de-montfort university, I’m on the game development course and it is crap.

  2. What coomdoom said. You get great new talent from universities but they have trouble looking for a jr programming job in the UK.

  3. Yeah.. Still in my 2nd year in a CS w/ Games course in Newcastle. Will definitely throw an app your way next year.

  4. I’m kind of baffled by the fact that no Facepunchers (from the Programming threads or whatever) have the skills required to get a job with you.

  5. I know a great programmer you could ask, his name is Excl. You can find him here: He programmed every game mode that we play. TTT, Death run, and bhop were all custom programmed by him.

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