Steampipe Looming

So Valve are converting all their games over to Steampipe. The word on the street is that DoD:S is going to be converted for proper on Monday. I am not sure whether this is just DoD:S or CS:S etc too.

So for GMod players this means that the content will become unmountable. You won’t be able to play with DoD:S maps or models in GMod.. until I release an update that makes it compatible. I have got that patch ready but I don’t really want to push it out until it all goes live on Valve’s end so I can make sure it works before I flush it.

As for GMod’s move to Steampipe.. I think it’s a bit of a sore-point a Valve. The licensee code server hasn’t been updated for a few months. But they’re working on that. Once that’s updated I’m sure I will have a lot of merging to do to move to the new gcf free system – then I will try to get converted to Steampipe asap.

On a related note I had emailed Mike Durand about a month ago about the code not being updated (I think licensee’s were mainly his responsibility). It turns out that he was fired (or quit) in the Q1 cull. Like everyone else, I don’t know why all these people got fired from Valve – it’s none of my business, but I’d like to say that I was sad to hear that Mike had been fired – he had helped me out a lot over the years with Source engine and licensee server problems. His absence isn’t going unnoticed :(

13 thoughts on “Steampipe Looming

  1. Do you know a specific date for Steampipe? Whens this new update coming anyways I am tired of porting.

  2. From the sound of things, they’ll be going public with DoDS first (because it’s less popular than TF2 or CSS) and only follow with the other games once they feel confident enough that everything’s fine. After all, you can’t convince every corner case to join the beta…

    Also, it seems Mike was on Valve’s hardware team:

  3. Fuck. I did not like the cull. It made me nervous with just who they got rid of. Some real long time people were gone and that simply isn’t good.

  4. Hey Garry, I know your really busy with all the steam updates and the Garry’s mod updates in general but I have a suggestion for a feature I believe you should add. I believe a slider in the options menu to turn blood on and off would be beneficial. This would help attract younger audiences and allow more people to play. I tried finding a mod but all the ones were outdated, Would you mind putting in such a feature. I complete understand if you cant but I would really apprieciate it if you could.

    1. Hi Garry, You probably see me as another fan xD but i was wondering if you could add a no blood feature because lots of kids have strict parents that are very strict for no blood i think this could raise sales and let most of my friends play thanks and have a good day.

  5. I was trying to back up newtnewtnewt with a complete copy of his idea but i think its a great idea

  6. well, garry, it looks like steampipe unleashed chaos among gmod. a lot of people(including me) can’t mount steampipe games, because of the new format for the games. when can we expect an update that would fix this?

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