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When I go in the shower I like to listen to music. All my music is on my phone. So I tend to listen to it via the phone speaker – which is shit. I bought a dock that charged via USB – and it was pretty good – but you have to charge it so fuck that.

So ideally I’d have speakers in the wall or ceiling and be able to airplay to that room from my phone. That shouldn’t be too hard – right?

So for about £150 the room (give or take because you gotta buy a couple of cables) the shower room should play music for me. That’s probably about what you’d pay for a half decent dock – but it’s more awesome because you’re building it yourself!

2013-03-27 17.12.52

I set up a test to make sure it all worked. It couldn’t be much simpler. First set the airplay up to get on the wifi network and give it a name (I named it “Upstairs Shower”. Then plug it into the amp using a 3.5mm jack. Then wire the speaker to the amp. I’m using big grey mains electric cables just because it’s what I have lying around – and cable is cable.

2013-03-27 17.47.33

Then send some music to it via the iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC!

2013-03-27 17.47.47

And bam! Music!

The speakers are decent. I’ve only tried it with a single speaker so far, and the volume is great – but there’s not much bass. Turning the bass up too much on the amp gives some popping. But I’m having a shower – I’m not opening a nightclub in there.

I haven’t totally decided yet – but I think I want a volume control on the wall. You can adjust the volume with the phone but I don’t want to have to do that every time (I haven’t tested it – each airplay device might remember its own volume so you might not have to).

So wiring the volume control up is easy. It doesn’t need any power – you just put it between the speakers and the amp.

2013-03-27 17.56.03

The intention is to hide the amp and the airplay in the loft and never have to mess with it every again, then have the volume control on the wall.

2013-03-27 18.01.51

This amp is probably overkill for what I’m using it for – but it does what I need it to do, the price is right and it’s a nice size too.

So now all I have to do is actually cut our holes and put it where I want it!

15 thoughts on “Airplay To Room

  1. I would have suggested an iHome or something like that, that you could plug in and have it charge your phone. Takes up valuable counter space though.

  2. This is very expensive. If you add up the extra time you spend in the shower just waiting for the song to finish it can amount to a lot of hot water and lost time. And if the shower has speakers in it, where will you have a technology-free zone to oil your brain? Do you really want to resort to getting a shed?

    1. he did say several posts ago that he often takes showers for an hour or even more. Wasting water and time is not an issue lol.

  3. This is fantastic, I’ve always wanted to listen to music in the shower but have no real means to do so. I don’t really find it feasible to be using your phone while you are wet either, so this is where it’s at.
    Some day I will replicate this…

  4. One cable is not the same as the other… Speaker cables are thin with low resistance, while mains cables are much thicker with significantly higher resistance. Requires more power from the amplifier to run the speakers, and introduces much more noise, affecting your sound quality. Be better just to splice up old headphone cables if you can’t be arsed with going down to maplins and buying a few metres.

    1. What makes you think mains cables have high resistance? I see no reason they would have any higher resistance than any other cable. I’m guessing you did your research and didn’t just pull this out of your ass, so can you tell me why they have high resistance?

      And the only reason I see it would introduce noise would be radio noise because it might not be isolated – is this what you meant?

    2. Thicker wire, lower resistance. What you just said is the exact opposite of how physics works. Also, good luck pushing 20w down typical headphone cables. There is no physical difference between 0.75mm² T&E and 0.75mm² speaker cable.

  5. Hi, this is exactly the set-up that I want for my bathroom. I was just wondering whether you find the in-wall volume controller necessary? It’s not something I thought of before and I thought you could adjust volume from the iPhone.


    1. Yeah I didn’t use the in-wall volume control in the end. The phone remembers the volume you set it at last time – so there’s really no need.

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