Privacy Thing

We had a privacy film thing added to the windows in the office. We love it. Photos don’t really show it properly.

2013-04-18 18.31.42

2013-04-18 18.31.56

2013-04-18 18.32.06

How ya’ll doing anyway?

16 thoughts on “Privacy Thing

    1. Because that glass looks really clear, doesn’t look real. Maybe it’s Chinese? Sorry my Irish isn’t that good.

  1. I wan’t you to add the following to GMod: Your office as a map, your team as models/npc’s, your Facepunch logo as a model, and plush turtles.

    1. awesomium devs are still being slow.
      until all 3 platforms have a stable build of that dependency, all garry can do are little touch-ups.

  2. I’ve never posted on anything like this before but here goes…
    I’m having some trouble getting G-mod to work. Specifically, particles are broken as hell and TF2 won’t ever stay mounted. I’m getting enormous amounts of console spam (huge chains of numbers whenever I start a game), a ton of my addons are suddenly breaking (losing textures, vanishing instead of dying, just not showing up in the spawn menu), and when I checked’s help section and it told me to hit the “contact support” button or whatever on the “right sidebar”, I found no such button. Could someone please tell me where to find tech support for Gmod, because it’s just breaking and breaking and breaking.

    1. Noedit: Never mind, something was breaking the support button on my browser, got it working now. Will be emailing support with a file containing large amounts of my console.

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