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I made my first wordpress plugin today. It makes it so you can upload unity3d files to wordpress and and embed them in your posts!

[unity src=”609″]

It solves a lot of problems that seem to exist in current plugins. One of the issues was that they all kind of wanted you to upload your unity3d files via ftp to get them to work. That is terrible. So I made it so you can upload them via the media player, and insert them via the media player.. and it just works.

They play together nice too. So when you play one, it stops the others. I’ll probably make that optional though.. cuz there’s nothing stopping multiple unity players playing at the same time.

[unity src=”615″]

Another thing is a lot of web servers can’t serve unity3d files.. because they don’t have the mime type and permissions set. So when you upload a unity3d file it just adds .zip to the end. The unity player can still play it – and you don’t have to mess with your config. All good!

I’m gonna play around with it and clean it up then I’ll see about getting it in the searchable wordpress plugin install thing.

37 thoughts on “Unity WordPress Plugin

  1. This is pretty damn useful. Please post when you release it! Developers who use wordpress (quite a few do) will love you. <3

    1. I took a look around. Couldn’t find anything.. so I guess it’s the kind of thing you need to add to the game itself.. which is a bit of a shame :(

  2. On chrome this is broken. It only displays half the embedded thing. Adding a height: 100%; to the player css should fix it.

  3. I don’t have the Unity Web thing installed, but it doesn’t alert me about it. Just a heads up it doesn’t look like it’s checking whether it can run or not (I just get a black screen with a play icon on it)

  4. You are a king among men, Thanx so much
    I had a question about modifying the aspect ratio and how it is determined.

  5. Great plugin. Is there any way to make use of the No Context Menu to lock out the right click menu in the player?

  6. Is there a way to install the web player by clicking the play button? This way people who don’t have it and visit the site can play the games without having to visit another site to download the player first. it was included in the old unity plugin, im not sure how easy it would be it incorporate it.

  7. Is it still working ?
    I can’t manage to get it run on my blog and it doesn’t seems to work on this post nether (I tried on both chrome and Firefox)

    1. To find the link goto your wordpress backend click on plugins then add new then search for unity the results should retrieve one called unitydog which is an absolutely amazing plugin! click install then when prompted click activate and thats it you will be good to goto hope this helps :)

  8. Let me start off by saying this is an amazing, absolutely amazing plugin and I thank you!!!

    Has anyone figured out a way to change the size of the webplayer window? inside of safari the game is half screen and when you go full screen you can’t get out the full screen (or I dont know how to if someone can help)?

    When inside of firefox the screen is again at half the size and when you go full screen there is only a quarter of the game that you can see in the upper left hand side of the screen, you can get out of full screen by clicking the cursor at the bottom.

    Is there a way to set a fixed size for the screen size and can someone help me with that?


  9. Is there a way to make this prompt the user to install the web player if they haven’t already? The computers in my lab do not retain the web player and I have to manually download it to get the plugin to play.

  10. I am looking to pass a parameter into the Unity3d application. I figured out how to do this with HTML and get the values in Unity3d. Need help with passing parameters through the plugin. Tried to add a new parameter “param=”?first=v1&second=v2″ But can not get it passed to Unity3d. Any suggestions?

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