Office downstairs

We haven’t really decided what we’re going to use the downstairs of the office for. But we know we want to use it for something. Whether that’s throwing desks down here. Or dividing it into offices. Or just leaving the pool table here for people to shoot the shit around.

We decided we didn’t want to go crazy with it. So didn’t have the walls plastered, or have fancy new radiators. But we built big green columns to hide the wires and pipes. Just to tidy it up.

Old and newz:

2013-02-27 18.08.142013-05-09 18.40.082012-12-22 11.14.152013-05-09 18.39.32

14 thoughts on “Office downstairs

  1. Make it your break room, with vending machines and games (you already have a pool table, how about a dart board?) and shit.

  2. Seems to be a lot of lime green for a company with a red logo.

    Nothing wrong with limegreen, I have a shit ton of it in my room.

  3. 3D print various ragdolls in poses. Would look nice around the office. Not sure about copyright but whatever.

  4. You need a pool table, dart board, mini football pitch, reception area, speakers and subwoofers all around and a disco ball.

  5. partition some of the room for a testing area for testing gmod and other games on different operating systems and hardware

  6. Is that skruvsta chair from ikea comfortable? How long can you sit on it before your ass turns into jello?

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