Linux and The Pipe

You know how I’ve been going on for months about switching Garry’s Mod over to the Steam Pipe. Well, that is about to become a reality. This week I merged with Valve’s latest code. There’s still a few issues to overcome – but I’m hoping that we’ll make the switch in the next couple of weeks.

This is going to present some issues for dedicated server hosting. It’s my understanding that it uses a completely different system to download and install the dedicated server. This is something that you might want to look at now if you run a server, but we’ll try to get an in depth guide on the wiki before release.

GMod Linux is kind of working. I have been told by people that they have got it working with a bit of fudging around. One of the few things I like about the Linux community is that they will go ahead and figure out stuff like this for themselves (the downside being that a lot of the time you’re kind of expected to). I’m not going to release a version before the Steam Pipe update – because that will fix a lot of Linux issues. Plus I’ll be able to iterate more quickly when we’re on the pipe.

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    1. This. I’ve been a member of the Facepunch forum for a long time. Really glad to see this happen, I popped a boner to this newspost as a full-time Linux user (I removed Windows when Crusader Kings II came out for Linux).

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      3. I’m not sure why you’d say I’m mentally challenged. I’m not the one who misspelled a small word. Look it up, it’s spelled “blog.”

  2. weird, i actually find that whenever i ask a question about linux somewhere, i get a ton of answers whereas my questions about windows problems (i use both) usually go unanswered, or I get unhelpful answers

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  4. Thanks Garry for the work. I hope I can convince you a little about why Linux is better.

    My advice is skip Ubuntu, its a good distro, but Linux Mint is better. I suggest downloading Linux Mint with Cinnamon. Then using the Linux Live Usb creator to try it out.

    Its sad to see you post comments about problems you are having on Linux. This is really unusual. As all free drivers are shipped with the kernel (as opposed to being manually downloaded and installed), the majority of people will have better compatibility with their hardware than in Windows.

    Wouldn’t you prefer a platform that gives you control over YOUR own system? Any concept of “control” you believe you have on windows is a joke. This is only going to get worse. Doesn’t stuff like Metro being forced on you concern you at all?

    Transparency means that sloppy code and security faults can be seen by the whole community. Since we have billion dollar industry’s relying on Linux to function, we have a lot of eyes on code.

    Also the Linux community is based on giving back. Windows and Mac OS X function purely for profit. The Linux community is made up of commercial interests and hobbyist working to achieve the best operating system available. I believe they have well and truly succeeded.

    1. I’ve used Linux off and on for a while and I agree. While Ubuntu is sort of nice, I prefer Linux Mint since it’s a lot easier and has a helpful community behind it. Not saying Ubuntu isn’t helpful, it’s just that I hate Unity and Gnome 3. I like the fact that Linux Mint lets you use GNOME by default if you dislike Cinnamon.

      1. Linux Mint predents to be unrelated to ubuntu. this is distgusting. also, those guys make money from the search engine they added to the default firefox.

      2. They make a little money, so what?
        And they are unrelated – the forked ubuntu, now they have totally own way. Ubuntu went down at 11 version, and Mint forked because they wanted to continue making distribution people want, not canonical. So yes, they are unrelated.

  5. Whell, one thing I really love about Garry is what he is still bringing out Gmod for Linux. He may not like Linux at all, he may think linux users are show-offs, but he still puts as much effort in porting as he can.
    Thank you for the work!

  6. Garry, Windows is losing steam (and Steam) and as said, it’s only going to get worse. Microsoft is trying to move its users to a walled garden environment and that will only hurt developers like you who like to tinker and mod.

    Microsoft is losing whatever innovation it had to a bureaucratic corporation hierarchy that stifles innovation for seniority and tenure. Any change is seen as risky but risks are required for innovation. This is true in most companies that have business partners that require stability and long-time support, which luckily you as a game developer do not have to encounter.

    Here is a saddening article on the true state of innovation within Microsoft:

    This is in sharp contrast to Linux where developers fight to bring honor to their skills as a hacker. Stability is still present in Linux, such as with Debian, but the environments offered by other distributions can be bleeding edge.

    If you really wanna pull your hair out you could install Arch and/or Gentoo. At first, you’ll struggle, you’ll curse, and you’ll scream. It’ll seem like the most over-complicated and unsimplified mess of a system. However, that’s not true. Linux is based on Unix, and that means a lot.

    “UNIX is basically a simple operating system, but you have to be a genius to understand the simplicity.” – Dennis Ritchie

    I know you’re a hacker by heart, Garry. Not hacker like the media portrays, but an old-fashioned hacker. You love to tinker, you love to create, and you love solving problems. Once you get used to Linux, there is no going back.

    You can email me if you need any help with Linux. I’ll happily install Ubuntu on another box and follow you through every step!

    enzi [at]

    I hope you have a wonderful time with Linux, and happy hacking.

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