The Pipe Beta!

Today I had my first lick of the Steam Pipe today.

I managed to convert Garry’s Mod Beta over to the new Steampipe format. It was pretty straight forward. And now with the run of a .bat file I can send an update to Steam and have it live around the world within a couple of minutes!

You can make branches too. This means I can make a special development branch and potentially integrate with our build servers so that the Steampipe version is always using the latest version. This will allow people asking for bug fixes to receive them within 10 minutes of reporting, being able to test and verify the fix – and then have the fix pushed out whenever we think the world is ready.

So if you were lucky enough to have access to the Garry’s Mod Beta back in the day it might be a good idea to reinstall it and check it out :)

18 thoughts on “The Pipe Beta!

  1. For the beta, do we need to opt into the “development – Bleeding edge updates” beta, or simply just download it?

    1. You didn’t have to keep it installed; it’s registered to your steam account as any other piece of content.

  2. Hi Garry,

    I’m getting this error when launching it on Linux.

    AppFramework: Unable to load module (my steam path)/SteamApps/common/Garry’s Mod Beta/bin/!

    The mentioned file does not exist.

    I’m running Arch 64 bit by the way, however it shouldn’t matter.


  3. That’s because /Garry’s Mod Beta/bin/ is not present, But it was in the svn version of gmod. Garry will fix it soon.

  4. Oh man, I cannot tell you how excited I am that this is happening. Once the SteamPipe update is pushed to the main game, I’ll be able to purge all GCFs off my hard drives and install then on whatever hard drive I want. And looking forward to trying out the Linux version as well.

  5. Well damn, good thing I got those 50k points on Toybox back in the day with that one map.

    1. Oh, also, some games don’t seem to mount even when they are mounted. On my side they’re Portal, (HL2,) Ep2, Ep1 and Lost Coast. HL2DM mounts fine though.

    1. Same here. Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit. If I run steam in the terminal it says it is looking for in .local/share/Steam/linux32 and not finding it. I have a copy in .local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32, and copying it to the aforementioned place gets rid of the error in terminal about not finding, but I still get the same error and then gmod segfaults.

  6. if this means you’re testing rift stuff, i’d love to help out (i wasn’t in a previous beta)!

    steamid: jayohthree


  7. I wish i could opt into beta, I love garrysmod and sadly dont have a facepunch account and Im clueless so i dont know if u need facepunch for the beta.

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