Piss Shake

I used to have a problem with my urination technique. The problem was that I always had some left in the tubes when I started putting it away. This would lead to me either peeing myself a little bit or spraying wildly as I struggled to put it back in its cage.

The spray got that wild on a couple of occasions that I ended up with piss on the floor BEHIND me. I still can’t totally figure out how I managed that – but I assume that it flopped around and I peed between my own legs.

So I started to observe other men in public urinals and I think I figured out where I was going wrong. When I’d finished I shook my knob from side to side and up and down. Kind of like casting a fishing rod. A bit of a flicking action.

I noticed other men did more of a masturbation action. Some even opting for over 15 pumps. Pumping it for longer than the urination itself had taken. Which seemed weird to me – but it seems that everyone does it that way.

So I have since adopted this `milking` method and everything has been fine up until now. These are things that you have to figure out for yourselves. No-one tells you the best way to shake your dick after you’ve had a piss. Until now.

49 thoughts on “Piss Shake

  1. I found out an even better method. Try it and it will blow your mind:
    After finishing, reach under your balls and lift them up by pressing at the tubes _under_ your balls, while moving your hand up. Like trying to press the leftover urine from the beginning of the tubes while lifting your balls.

    No need to thank me :)

    1. Actually I’ve found the most effective method is a gentle tube squeeze while shaking. The combination of forcing the pee out with the vigorous flicking action usually finishes it on the first or second pump.

      1. Male bathroom etiquette. Anything more than a brief glance is just weird. Hell, just look straight to the wall, then to your stuff, shake it, put it back and get out. If you’re an hygienic and polite person, wash your hands before getting out.

  2. I seat to pee and I use toilet paper to dry my knob. In clear, I do like women.

      1. It has a bunch of advantages. The main one being that you don’t get piss on your pants and it is much more hygienic. Sitting is also much more comfortable and you get to play with your phone instead of touching your penis. And if you decide you actually have to go #2 too it’s no problem.

      2. Somehow i manage to not piss my pants, oh and did you know you need to go wash your hands after #1 or #2? Also how much time do you piss that you even manage to play on your telephone?

  3. So true! I guess I should use this method from now on.

    I always had the problem of wearing white pants and then all it takes is a few drops and holy shit it looks like you pissed yourself.


  4. I pee sitting down. When I had this problem I solved it by using a piece of toilet paper to pat it dry. I’ve lost all my toilet MANners anyway.

    It’s so shameful. When I pee I can’t predict how many streams will come out and in what direction so if I pee standing up I may as well have a vagina.

    GARRY I NEED YOUR HELP! How do I take control of my pee flow?

  5. Maybe this wouldn’t happen if you wouldn’t be fucking Max up the ass all night long every day.

  6. um ok TMI. Or you can simply sit down you know the thing is men do not actually have to stand up when using the bathroom ever consider that? i always had that problem as a teen /kid and all just then figured out gee.. wait a minute i dont have to pee standing up its just most guys “do:” . i imagine honestly those who never thought about that its a motcho thing ooh well if the guys found out……..who cares? if it makes it much easier and less mess then do it. your wife gf bitches at you over it? get a new one. Seriously its amazing how many people end up overcomplicating things that way :-). Just a thought. i bet you never even considered that! i mean its kinda silly anyways if you have to crap you have to sit down anyways right? so why not just sit down for both!

  7. My dad taught me and my younger brother how to do this when we were little. It’s funny thinking about it now… We used to gather around the toilet to pee. The three of us. At the same time. Then my mom taught us how to clean the mess and leave everything not smelly, of course. “Remember to always wash your hands!”

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