m0r3 gmod beta

I’ve been plodding away at the beta over the last few couple of days. I’m hoping to initiate the switch over next week.

People running servers should make themselves familiar with this page.. because once we switch over this will be the only way to update and run dedicated servers.

The Linux version has progressed. I am able to get to the menu now – but it quits when I try to join a game. That might be because I’m running it in a virtual machine though – let me know if you’re having more luck.

The rift support (apparently) doesn’t work at all. I think I need to compile my own rift head tracking dll – because the one Valve provide is (apparently) crashing. They haven’t given me access to the head tracking code – so I don’t know what’s happening there.

It’s been a lot of fun pushing updates out via Steam Pipe. It means I can say to people “hang on – try now” – and they try and stuff is fixed. Instead of “try after the next update in 2 weeks”.

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      1. I had this problem when I launched under arch linux. I booted into ubuntu 13.10 and, using the same steam folder, launched Garrys mod without the disk error. I booted back into arch and tried to launch it again but had this error http://screencloud.net/v/xzmD
        Are you also trying to use Arch?

      2. Okay, I deleted local content and downloaded it anew. It works now, so I’m assuming there was some odd permissions set in previous builds, preventing some files from being written.

  1. Garry, all addons r settled in chaos shape. Can y u put (some kind of) addons’ ranking programm into GM13? I have a big mess in the game. I tired to search model i need in every folder

    1. Yes I would also like a addon quick list where only the title is shown. the process isn’t that bad now but a toggle to this type of addon list would be nice.
      Also I was exited for the steam pipe transitions steam pipe but last time i looked there wasn’t a wiki page about mounting other games on a dedicated server that i updated to steampipe.

    1. maybe you can use the console, with -console in the launch options and from there put “map gm_flatgrass” or something

      1. I got past that part after verifying game cache. Was able to get into flatgrass sp. Works well so far, other than some elements have purple squares (some icons, hovering over props), as well as the font is too small

    2. Try updating your mesa to 9.2! I get a “could not load client library (unknown error)” on the loading screen.

    1. Screenshot here. As you can see the problems are:
      -Icon rendring
      -Crappy, small, unreadable fonts
      -Too much light

      Also some props are missing I guess.
      Garry, you can have my internet-hug. I really like what you did there.

  2. On linux was able to launch, use the menu & start a game.
    Ingame most of the functions worked but some text was missing (death messages), Most sprites and vgui icon texture also appeared missing
    Initial did this with a bin folder which had ‘fixes’ for the old beta. But have verified I can run it with a clean bin folder.

    All text except that rendered by awesomium is very small.

    All Vgui text disappears after changing the anti-alias settings (Might happen on any render re-init, this requires further testing to be sure)

    Running in windowed mode and alt-tabbing did not crash the game.

    If it helps I have a console log.

  3. For me G-Mod works fine, but it sometime crash (I don’t know why) and some things are on the wrong place, but it works :)

  4. I have a feeling it might be a permissions issues, so I’m just deleting local content and redownloading.

  5. As others have said, gmod works mostly now. There’s some sprite rendering issues. The loading bar in the beginning goes past its terminus. I’m using ubuntu 13.04 with the latest stable AMD catalyst drivers.

    1. You can fix some errors by copying the contents of the folder “VGUI” to “vgui”. That’s all.

  6. garry’s mod opens to blue screen with loading in the bottom right for a few seconds then just closes no error messages
    i’m using ubuntu 13.04 64-bit

    1. I have the same problem, I get as far as the facepunch logo and it says: “initialize all game systems”.

      Ubuntu 12.04
      AMD Athlon II X4 640
      AMD Radeon HD 6670 (2 of them, in crossfirex mode)

      1. I’ve tried making it windowed with a resolution smaller than the native one, didn’t really do anything. I also tried verifying game cache, didn’t really affect it either. If you haven’t tried these yet, it wouldn’t hurt to do so yourself.

      2. i have tried all of those i have now installed xubuntu 12.04.2 to see if that changes anything

      3. I’m not so sure a change of desktop environment would really do much. A change of graphics drivers possibly?

  7. I don’t seem to have the -development option under the betas tab? Is there any way to fix this?

  8. Garry: Excellent work on GMOD Linux. I’m able to get to the menu, load maps and do everything I normally can. I can’t yet mount other games (I assume that’s deliberate though) and there are a few missing textures here and there (when I hover over items in the spawn menu and a few trees in the gm_construct skybox), but otherwise, it’s brilliant! By the way, I loved your comments on the mechanics of urination, very enlightening.

  9. @MissionControl i had to reinstall ubuntu if you choose to do that i suggest xubuntu 12.04
    then i installed ia32-libs
    now garry’s mod is running with no problems

    1. So I found the same as James above.

      On Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit, trying to run Garry’s Mod I’d get an error reading “Could not load client (Unknown Error)”. But after installing the Ubuntu package ‘ia32-libs’ (which pulls in 32-bit versions of certain libraries on a 64-bit system) I could run Garry’s Mod.

      Interestingly I could run all the other Source-based games available for Linux so far without that package; so I wonder whether or not the Valve Source games have 64-bit builds and GMod currently does not.

  10. I already had ia32-libs installed
    My problem seems to be a little different than yours I’m afraid.

  11. I still get the missing executables error on Ubuntu 13.04… (I already checked game content, and tried uninstalling and installing again). And I tried to switch beteween development build and normal one…

  12. Thats weird, I already thought so. But I only see the game “Garry’s mod – Beta” on my Linux Steamclient (not the normal “Garry’s Mod”, even after restarting etc.). All other source games work fine :(.

    1. ok, i thought that the game would automatically appear on my linux games list (even if I was not opted in).
      However the game works now. Filesystem addons work (like wiremod), and workshop addons work.
      But if I select amount of player on the menu point start game (instead of singleplayer), then the game freezes.
      (And the balloon tool doesn’t work :D)

  13. Ican get it running with minimal problems on gentoo amd64 the ony real issues I see are with textures and sound missing from addons downloaded inside of garrysmod. there are some missing models in the weapons section the ai works I had combine fighting the civilians and father grigori.

    1. Fellow Gentooman, I believe that the missing assets are due to incomplete mounting to other source games. It’s probably already on Garry’s checklist

      1. I know its a mounting issue related to both the switch to steampipe and the way linux handels file names an paths compared to windows.

  14. I continue to get the “Could not load library client” error. I’m running Arch Linux (x86_64). I see most people get it running with the ia32-libs, but Arch has no such thing. I’m wondering what exactly Garry’s Mod relies on, so I can install each of them individually.

      1. I’d rather solve a problem to convenience myself and any other that likely have the same issue than use a workaround that would likely be unnecessary in the near future anyways.

    1. You need to install lib32-gconf from the AUR (or at least that fixed this issue for me). It does have many dependencies, so installation will take a while.

      1. Thank you very much, this worked perfectly. I wonder if it was that exactly or one (or more) of it’s pre-requisites. Regardless, it works and I’m glad.

  15. GMod runs, but the mouse does not work in the game and I can’t mount other games.

  16. it works on my debian7 amd64! thank you so much garry!
    i just needed to install ia32-libs-gtk.

  17. Using Ubuntu 13.04. For some reason, I got an error, failing to load library client. After I went offline, it began to work, and now works online. Can’t very well test multiplayer, since the Legacy Browser doesn’t like me and I don’t think anyone runs Beta build servers. Only thing that seems broken so far is that hint icons and a few item spawn icons are the odd purple/black squares, but addons seem to work very well.
    Something odd is that my PS3 controller acts as an XBox 360 controller: Keybindings get bound to A,B,X,Y, LB, RB, LT, RT, rather than Cross, Circle, Triangle, Square, R1, R2, L1, L2. Functions perfectly, but still seems odd.

  18. Agh… was going back to play, stupidly of me I thought that reinstalling the whole thing would work. Anyone got any advise?

  19. I cannot seem to mount my source games into Garry’s Mod even if I own the game. Is this a problem with Steam Pipe?

  20. The game crashes for me just at the blue loading screen right after I start the game. I’m on ubuntu 12.04 with the xorg-edgers PPA. CS:S and Half-Life Deathmatch work fine.

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