The Conversion

The switch to Steampipe last week went pretty smoothly. Except that the windows dedicated server crashed on startup. And the OSX version crashed on startup. And the Linux DS crashed on startup.

But because Steampipe is so awesome those problems were all fixed within an hour.

The biggest challenge facing people is that it doesn’t always seem to convert automatically. I don’t know whether you need to restart your PC first or something. But verifying it forces the conversion. For some people it doesn’t move it to the Common folder either.. I don’t know why that is but uninstalling and installing again seems to clear it up.

Some people are having problems with CS content being missing too. This is because the CS:S install hasn’t been converted to Steam Pipe. Try running it. If that doesn’t work read more here.

People are also wondering why HL2/EP1/EP2 aren’t mounting. You need to opt into the beta so they will convert to Steam Pipe. This is done in the properties of each of the games

24 thoughts on “The Conversion

  1. Nice work Garry.
    I opted out of the beta on Linux, so i could test multiplayer and it works without any problems (except the balloon tool is defect :)).
    I’m using Ubuntu 13.04

    1. I had my thoughts on how Garrys Mod 9 only had one toolware.I needed to repair its menu.Just so you know,Mine of Duty:Ghasts is finally complete.I posted a message on its complete briefing.A trailer was released showing weapons from Ghosts and skins downloadble from Minecraft mods.

  2. Games don’t seem to convert to Steampipe automatically as you said; you have to try to launch them, then Steam will offer to convert them.

  3. My only problem is the basic gameplay that i have never figured out.This Garrys Mod 13 Beta seems to difficult for me to understand the new features within interface.Is the first Garrys Mod more casual and better for multiplayer commands or better functioning LAN.Post a reply if you can since im retiring for a few weeks.

  4. Steampipe fucked everything up.
    Thanks garry, although you dont care because gmod is just a way for you to get piles of cash with minimal effort.

    1. Why did it “fuck everything” up? And what has it to do with Garry wanting to get cash with minimal effort?
      It’s more the other way round. Garry is now able to push updates faster than before (because Valve doesn’t need to process every update), so Garry can work now even more and more efficiently.
      Oh, and don’t forget the Linux version Garry needs now to maintain.

      Updating Garrysmod itself is now faster because of how the new system works.
      Even SteamCMD is a lot of better, I can update now my Servers with constant 110 mb/s downstream, with hldsupdatetool it lagged often and I only had something like 200kb-5mb/s. So Steampipe is real an advancement.

      The only drawback is that you have to set HL2 etc. to beta, but Valve will surely update these games to the Pipe soon. I think you can make the effort to set it to beta… … and to not whine about changes where you have to adapt to new things/tools

      1. It broke several addons, deleted all of my dupes, broke the adv dupe 2 tool, meaning months of creations now dont work.

    1. Ok I am getting alot of crashes, its playable, but it seems to crash alot when spawning things in, changing my model, etc. Im SO glad you added the medic models though.

    1. Yes :(
      I hope this will be fixed soon. Garry, can you tell us something about the Rift progress?

      1. Valve’s DLL crashes, and they haven’t made it open source. From what I gathered Garry has to make his own Rift DLL for it to work.

      2. But he does not have to do it from scratch, using the Oculus SDK he “just” hast to write the integration himself. I hope this will be fixed soon! (I’m wondering why he did not noticed this earlier, he has a rift hasn’t he? #JustSaying )

  5. ‘Can’t find client Library’
    That’s what I get when I launch GMOD dev on Linux–Ubuntu

  6. I encountered a major problem after recently downloading GMod. Models and textures were missing just about everywhere. I found a fix by deleting some of the problem files in the materials and models folders. Though the game still isn’t bug free, at least I can see most, if not all of the textures and models.

    The only issues I have at the moment is all human players and NPCs don’t have proper animations. Players have their arms out to the side and their body parts don’t move. AI is the same, but combine, for some reason bend over and float up. Also when I or another player gets in a vehicle it just shows the player standing with the arms out, which is part of the animations I guess.

    I looked online for a few hours trying to find a fix. Figured out the problem after spawning in Mossman ragdoll without a face texture. I looked at the console and saw the file that was messed up, went in and deleted it. After deleting it the texture showed up. Not completely sure what’s going on, but I don’t see how deleting a file fixes a texture that was missing.

    Anyway, hopefully this will help with an real fix/update.

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