The Story of Rust

So Rust has got pretty popular with lots of news sites reporting on it. It took us by surprise. I mean – Helk (who is the project lead) has been working on it for 6 months. He casually put the alpha out then went on vacation for a week – and hasn’t been heard from since.

Rust started off as a DayZ clone. But then we decided that we are sick of fighting zombies. And can’t compete with the Arma island in terms of landmarks and towns. So it’s in more of a STALKER kind of world where you build your own buildings. This also opens the way up for non zombie enemies, like mutants, wolves and whatever. But your biggest enemy is always going to be other players.


One of our main aims with Rust is to not control how people behave directly. For example some people want us to implement something to discourage people killing each other.  Some kind of rating. Or turn killers red to warm you they can’t be trusted.

I hate that. It’s not giving the players freedom. The players should decide how they play the game. You should be fearful of others. That is the whole point. This is a game where the player makes their own story.. and emotion plays into it a lot. If you see another guy in game.. – you’re going to be scared of him at first. But then you sniff around each other and decide to go on an adventure together. You begin to trust each other. That means so much more if you both had the ability to kill the other at any time and didn’t. And you weren’t just doing it for a green +1.

So what’s to stop you from going around killing anyone you want and taking their shit and becoming more powerful? Nothing. What’s stopping it from becoming a PVP killfest? You. Our job should be to give the players the tools they need. If you’re sick of getting killed – start a town. Build town walls. Give all the town members red clothes. Put warning signs up outside the town. Set up trip wires and alarms. Watch each others back.

Our job is to give you the tools to allow you to protect yourself.

What’s stopping someone from dressing up in red, sneaking into your town and stealing form you? Nothing. That’s emergent gameplay. Find a solution. A secret handshake. Traps that the town-people know not to trigger.

What’s to stop one town invading and killing everyone in another town? Nothing. Build stronger defences. Don’t let them get powerful enough to take you down.


We haven’t planned much beyond bug fixes. It’s time to start getting our own assets in – so we’re going to start looking into player models, clothing, better weapon/tool models.

One of the things I want to do is make it so you start naked, like a caveman. This should reduce PVP – because who wouldn’t run from a naked guy with an axe.

People have asked whether we’re going to be on Steam – or whether there’ll be a downloadable client. Our preference would be to be on Steam – the early release stuff gives me a boner and I’ve already had a taste of Steampipe and love it. But I think it might be a bit too early for that. We’re going to stick with the webplayer for now – because we can update any time we want, it works on multiple platforms (except linux), and it’s easy access.

We’re also asked a lot whether we’re going to let people host their own servers. This is still up in the air. At the moment I’m leaning towards renting servers via a few chosen trusted GSP’s – like battlefield. This is just so that we can have the centralized character stuff – but you could still host your own community server with PVP damage disabled etc. Basically to stop chumps starting a server with some server-side cheat to get a million guns, then taking them into other servers. Either way I don’t think we want to be hosting 100’s of servers.

I also want a 100 foot giant that will come and smash your buildings up – forcing you to work together to take him down. But I’ll have to sneak that past Helk.

98 thoughts on “The Story of Rust

  1. Oh noe!
    Were waiting for a Garrysmod clone on Unity.. not a dayz, stalker, battlefield, cod, resident evil and other stupid games clone.

    The idea of garrysmod was (as far as i know) Building shit with friends
    and what is it now? Stupid Roleplay, stupid zombie roleplay, more stupid terrorist roleplay (TTT)

  2. I played rust at my friends house and even in pre-alpha it was amazing. The feel was nice and the ability to build your own survival building or base was awesome. Now I don’t have a Mac or Pc or even a Windows computer just a ps3 and apple tablet. I know it’s a long shot but if you are able to put rust on consoles and such that would be amazing.

  3. Hey I wanna know. If you are indeed releasing This, Where are you releasing it. On Steam. Or, on your own, Because since I can’t get a beta key. I would like to know if it can get it at all possible. If I could get a reply from you that would be great Thanks ;)

  4. Omg release the game before everybody think the game going to be never release ! Sorry for my bad english i’m french

  5. hey I got a question and it problem seems like a stupid one but I would love to play rust but how do I get a key?

  6. I would like to actually be able to play this game, but I can’t even get the Alpha which is what I’ve heard is free. I’ve been able to go to things which just have virus surveys to get the key, that are made by the official makers of Rust so I would like FOR AN ACTUAL WAY TO PLAY THE GAME!!

  7. garry this game has absolutely taken over !!!! we are currently in all out war We have 30-40 soldiers against the better equipped enemy run by a tyrannical warlord on the South African server .Our band of rebels has lost control of the coast line and has retreated into the Mountains. If we can survive and able to contact you and let you know the progress of our revolution!! haha thanks so much for such an entertaining game… please keep up the great work

  8. nice, but the jiggleboned penis thing is weird.
    also i have a question, if i buy the early access, will it be deleted from my account when the full game comes out?

    looks great, i’m gonna get it.

  9. Well, I think we can consider the “Emergent Gaming” concept a dismal failure. ;)

    After 150+ hrs. on the official servers, and with the wisdom of gaming since the TRS-80 model 1(!), I can attest to the fact that yes, gameplay quickly devolves into “PVP killfest” that brings out the worst in people.

    The crux of the issue is that the on-line persona one takes on can be radically different that their real-life personality. Apparently calm people, running around in a “safe” alternate reality, easily become complete assholes, using the system for ego support, gratification or a rage outlet.

    Within this context of a safe virtual environment, there are very few compelling reasons for cooperation, or charitable effort. “Death” is simply a minor irritant, which is far outweighed by the kill-rush that the mind processes when killing/hunting an opponent (or anyone for that matter).

    Yes, there are clans/groups on Rust servers, but these are just a group-centric extension of the blood-lust mindset, absolutely no different than a single “bandit”.

    I have witnessed a “capture” and subsequent summary execution of a player by a clan group, which was very disturbing in the context of supposedly civilized human players. The clan members were screaming at the player like an over-hyped SWAT team, and when “captured”, one member simply walked up and killed him.

    This separation of realities is exactly why games like Rust desperately need ground rules, boundaries and intent indicators (bandit/hero, etc.) Human nature can be very, very dark on-line and behavioral correction/rewards are needed to pull it back out of the depths.

    To wrap it up, you might ask why would is this any different than Quake 3, TF-2 or any other FPS shooter? Well, Rust is primarily a survival/leveling/building game, with PvP as a side “benefit”. Unfortunately, the PvP aspect distorts the environment horribly, particularly with the current crop of “military” weapons and armor.

    Re-balancing the PvP risk/reward environment would go a long way into making it a more enjoyable experience, and perhaps allow more truly significant cooperation amongst players, but with the understanding that conflict may be inevitable, but not desirable.

  10. Garry-
    I don’t know if you still read responses from this post, but have to say I got over 250 hrs in RUST to day. LOVE IT and STILL going!!! I just now read this post and after playing the game so much, I LOVE the idea of a “100 foot giant that will come and smash your buildings up”. Make sure you sneak this by Helk. LOL..really though.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to the future of Rust.

    PS. will we ever be able to use two hands in rust. Cool to double fist some P250’s. Also, an in game scavenger/ treasure hunt would be something to break away from the current pace of killing, looting, and re-building in the high traffic areas. You could spawn different maps in air drops. Just my two cents.


  11. I understand the idea of emergent gameplay and fear of losing all your gear at any time, even when logged out, but I don’t think that really works for everyone, especially if playing in limited amounts of time, and not too often.
    I think there should be an option for server admins where a building becomes indestructible after a certain period of time has elapsed since a player has logged off.

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