This Old House

Remember This Old House?

It’s been running for like 30 years. I remember watching it all the time when I was sick off school. It’s a TV show where they take a house and do it up. There’s been a lot of shows that sound like that.. But they’re all rushed, they don’t teach you anything, they don’t show you the process. They do stupid things like renovate a house in 4 hours.

This Old House is different. It takes its time. It talks you through what they’re doing and explains why, it gives you a bit of history on old old building techniques they’re replacing. All the people on it are real tradesmen.

There’s really long single camera shots, 5 minutes on a single camera with no edits. It’s a breath of fresh after watching modern TV where they change the camera angle every 4 seconds in-case you get bored of actually looking at stuff. There was a scene where the guy was digging a hole.. and they actually showed him just digging the hole for about a minute. A lesser TV show would have edited that up or made a dumb musical montage of it.

The coolest thing is that all the episodes are on youtube.

20 thoughts on “This Old House

  1. America’s Public Broadcast System is the last haven for reasonable television. to support it.

  2. Garry when will you be updating Gmod? This game is unplayable for alot of people and we all wanted to play a game we paid for. Update Garry’s Mod!

    1. Play something else then, he is busy preparing stuff for his baby and his new home and that’s what really matters right now.

  3. I love architectural shows like this. I’m big on engineering, and architecture. A big reason I play games like Garry’s Mod. Thank you for sharing this show with the community Garry.

  4. Hey Gary i really need your help it’ll only take a second! It’s preventing me from doing something with the rust community please shoot me an email

  5. This old house is the shit, it always made me wanna go build things. That and New Yankee Workshop. It’s awesome they’re on youtube

    1. All the memories of long nights of PBS are slowly trickling back in to my mind. I loved the New Yankee Workshop episode where he fit the marbles in to the pine box with holes too small for them by dipping it in boiling water to expand it.

      Bob Ross was awesome, too. I actually made a semi-decent painting just by doing exactly what he did.

  6. I’m big on photography and film, this show always makes me feel like I need to get out and film SOMETHING.

  7. I’m big on BDSM and this show makes me want to create my own tools because the ones I use are too soft for my taste. I want to start with a lead sprinkler to pour molten silver on my favorite parts.

  8. Wow, I had completely forgotten about this show. There were all sorts of kickass tricks on that show and I honestly learned quite a bit watching it (especially in the plumbing department).

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