The Columbo

Since coming up with GMod and making lots of money, buying a house and starting a company – I’ve been out of my depth in a lot of situations.

Going from being refused a £5,000 5-year car loan to having the manager of the same bank send you beer every Christmas takes some getting used to. The problem is – you don’t know anything about investments, are they scamming you, are they giving you the wrong advice? The same with accountants and solicitors. Are they legit, are they giving you bad advice because they know you’ll get in trouble and it will be more work for them? Do they have your best interests at heart – or can they just smell the money?

The temptation is to act like you know what you’re doing so they think they can’t get anything past you. This is a bad move. If they want to shaft you they will – your bullshit will be like a red rag to a bull.

What I did was The Columbo. Just pretend you know a lot less than you know. Ask questions that you know the answers to. If that doesn’t line up you know they’re trying to fuck you in the ass.

14 thoughts on “The Columbo

  1. One time this guy just pulled down my pants and fucked me in the ass. I knew then I was being fucked in the ass.

  2. Sometimes they give you all the right cues and loosen you up just enough that getting fucked in the ass is alright, as long as they dont go to deep or too fast.

  3. I wonder what you did for the manager to send you those bottles. Did you gift him an ikea skruvsta chair?

  4. I do that to work out people I’m working with, ask them basic questions I know the answer to, if they answer with something that isn’t correct it means I generally won’t get honesty if they don’t know something in the future.

  5. Garry, I’m just wondering, on the updates page on the Gmod website, will you only post major updates, and I want to get the Evocity 2, but once I switched to SteamPipe, it got rid of the map yet it was still in my files, could you or anyone help me out?

  6. Adrian, the Garry’s Mod directory is in common now, not the old directory. Oh, and it might not have kept maps, because that happened to me.

  7. Is it like this?:Local Disk (C:)/Program Files/Steam/Steam Apps/Common, and NOT your username, if so thank you VERY much.

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