2013 Goals – in review

Last year I made a post about my goals for 2013. I didn’t have very grand plans.

Lose More Weight

Failed. Not even close. I have gained weight. I could try to blame this on having a baby and staying up until 4 in the morning eating frazzles and watching TV. But ultimately it boils down to the fact that I have been eating too much and not exercising enough.

Increase the Bus Factor

I’m gonna say we succeeded on this. Facepunch has gone from employing two people in office, and two subcontractors.. to employing 12 in office, and 5 sub contractors. We’ve released another game, Rust.. which to date has made over $5 million dollars. We’ve got at 4+ other projects in the works – all of which can survive without me.

Play More Games

I still don’t play enough games. I’m gonna call this a failure.

Go to a proper conference

We did go to a conference. The name of which I can’t even remember. It was alright.. but ultimately probably wasn’t worth the travel time. We are going to the Steam Dev Days in January though. That’s probably proper enough.

Enter Ludum Dare

Failed. Didn’t enter. I did think about it at one point – but ultimately real life took priority and I couldn’t.


I did do some things that weren’t on the list. I bought another house, and became a father. So despite being a fat lazy game developer that doesn’t play many games, everything balances out.

11 thoughts on “2013 Goals – in review

    1. Jealousy? Instead of expecting other people to lift you up, taking stupid emo pics etc, why don’t you pull your thumb out and make a concerted effort at self-betterment, instead of attacking your betters?

      Happy New Year.

    2. A brief browse through your pathetic life would indicate quickly that you are an attention-deprived adolescent with far too much time on their hands.

  1. Can you have facepunch take a look at gmod? its not updated anymore, and hackers are beginning to take advantage of devastating exploits. Its falling apart!

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