Garry’s Mod is 10 years old

10 years ago I was 22. I was living with my parents. I made a mod for Half-Life 2.

It’s funny because I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t use any source control. If I did something that resulted in a crash and my undo buffer didn’t fix it I ended up in extracting the SDK again and starting from scratch. It wasn’t up until version 7 or 8 that SVN was used and I actually understood all of the changes I was making.

When Erik@Valve asked if I’d be interested in selling GMod on Steam I thought he was crazy. Who the hell would buy it when it’s available for free? Luckily – he asked me again. This time I’d given it some thought, I’d thought about all the things I could do to it. And I said yes.

Coincidentally Valve held the first Steam Dev Days a couple of months later and flew us out there. I had a meeting with some of the Valve guys to discuss the plans for GMod. It was hard to concentrate because Barney from Half-Life 2 was there. I’m also pretty sure Doug Lombardi wanted to kill me.

We didn’t know whether people would buy Garry’s Mod. Whether anyone would care. Neither did Valve. So it was pretty impressive that it took down Steam temporarily when it was released (Steam was in its infancy at this time). That first day peak was about 5,800 sales, then dropped off to averaging around 300 sales a day. I was over the moon, how long would this last! For perpective, in 2014 our peak was 152,000 sales in one day, and our daily average was 7,500.

The next few years were spent updating and improving the game. I rented an apartment. I was spending more and more of my time doing paperwork so I enlisted Craig, my best friend from school, to take care of all the bullshit stuff. We created a company called Facepunch and got an office which was not far from my apartment. (Then I bought a house, so we got a new office which is not far from my house)

So I guess what I’m saying is.. Happy Birthday Garry’s Mod, thanks to everyone who contributed to it, thanks to everyone that bought it and thanks to Valve for creating Steam and giving me a career and letting me bring people along for the ride.

34 thoughts on “Garry’s Mod is 10 years old

  1. Lmao “It wasn’t up until version 7 or 8 that SVN was used and I actually understood all of the changes I was making”.

  2. I remember when you posted about nothing but fucking Peep Show days before GMod 10 came out and then out of nowhere it was out. I think it was the first game I ever bought digitally.

  3. Haters gonna hate hate hate…. cos gary is making a killing and you sad little fuks are jealous you aint in his shoes, shake it off, shake it off …. AHHH HA HA

  4. I guess Pluton won’t be that famous with Rust running behind it (knowing you Rust gonna have it’s own modding API in time), so I probably gotta find another game to mod. :D
    Anyway, congrats! ;)

  5. Thanks for giving me the foundation to learn networking and server hosting on. Thanks for introducing me to my first real programming language. Thanks for helping me find lifelong friends from my online antics. Thanks for forcing a 12 year old shut in learn basic social skills and grammar. Thanks for paving the way to my career in the IT industry.

    I’m 24 now and recently moved into an apartment. I probably wouldn’t be here if I didn’t learn what I did from your game.

    you’ve earned my 10$

  6. Man, the passage of time is a motherfucker…

    I just came to check in on what you’ve been up to. Now I feel old.

    Thanks for the great game. That $10 purchase consumed a disturbing amount of my youth. And what remained was spent on the FP forums learning grammar and competing in the snarky-zinger-based economy.

    I was one of the first batch of gold members. Not that that means anything more than that I was very, very eager to throw money at your endeavors.

    Now I’m wondering if I my account’s still active and if I can remember my damn password after all this time.

    Hell, I remember now that I paid for a shitload of in-game avatars, and most of them for people I hated.
    (Turns out that a lot of people were willing to trash our server, but they were never as willing, or employed, to pay to remove the “Griefing Cuntrag” scarlet letter of an avatar I gave them as a warning to other admins.)

    all the best,
    (The member formerly known as) Machina

  7. Wow 10 year old I just got this I didn’t know this before I loved this game even though it’s 10 years old thanks Garry for one of the best and addicting games ever Garry’s mod is love Garry’s mod is life!

  8. It’s crazy to think garrysmod is now 10 years old! I started playing it back around 2008-2009 aura and still ‘sometimes’ play it to this day. garrysmod is what influenced me to become a game developer myself and that’s what I strive to do. My little brother whos 9 loves playing on DarkRP which I think is funny because I used to do the same. It’s even more hilarious listen to all the people calling him a squeaker. I just wanted to say thank you Garry.

  9. I so happy that Gmod has done so well for you!
    I remembered first hearing of Gmod when I was just browsing YouTube for random videos and came across some tf2 Gmod videos, and then I discovered Steam.
    Your little mod for Half-Life 2 became a phenomenal staple of Steam. I’m pretty sure that most people who have been with Steam since…early 2007(?) knew of Gmod; or heard about it through a friend, and became Steam users because of it.
    In short, this is just a long winded way of saying: Thank you Mr.Garry, for creating Gmod. A source outlet that many people still use to this day creating videos, still-art, anything and everything within the expanse of the imagination!
    I wish you the best of luck in the continuation of your legacy.

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