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  1. Have you seen what some people are saying to the creators of these paid mods? It’s mindless. What is this community?

    1. steam is not a comunity, its a business, saying steam is a comunity is as smart as saying ebay is a comunity. ITS A MARKET you fool.

    1. This garry is twisting shit. What he doesnt tell you, its how bugged steam was back them. To name a few….
      It was released in a single cpu time, you were lucky if you had a p3 at 600Mhz. with 256 or 512 mb. (this was kinda top end back then). Garry wont tell you how in that time, steam shitty programming would put your computer into a crawl, how it would consume by itself 20-40% of your ram while basically doing nothing, how it would go crazy and eat your whole cpu at random times, it was just a messenger and a new very intrusive DRM scheeme and a way of selling more copies, since before, you could share Cd keys, but not after this. Its not about being scared, in your case its about being a fool out of this dimension. You prove it, things always go to the worse coz simpletons like you are so common. Steam is becoming a monopoly, if you fail to see why its bad that big corporations control our lifes is bad,… then you have failed as human being already. Second hand games for pc was a thing in the past, steam took that piece of the cake. I think garry needs to add bigger dicks in his game.

  2. I don’t know if this is either a post to lighten up the mood or just to mock everyone that is saying that Steam is Satan just because of paid mods (which are still a bad thing but it doesn’t make Steam bad as a whole).

    1. These comments are showing that people have bitched and overreacted to any big change Steam has ever done in the past, the biggest example shown in this blog being some very old comments of people saying that Steam will fail and is shit and is going to die now and blah blah, back when Steam became a requirement to have installed to be able to download and play games(this was like back in 2004 I think).

      The idea being to show that it’s the exact same kind of overreaction to change that people are doing now over the whole “paid mods” thing.

      The icing on the cake is that comment bitching about how HL2 was going to be Valve’s downfall just because it was too powerful to be played on most PCs(which it wasn’t of course, the commenter probably just had a shit PC).

    1. what steam comunity?. Are you dumb?. Dont you realize its a huge ass corporation trying to dry your wallet?. Oh man. Holy shit. Its like going to a random bar and say “Im part of this bar comunity”.

    2. And fix your grammar sold out, you look shit and it’s a fucking community.. how the fuck should it be a market just because you buy shit..

      if it’s not a community, you would not:

      1. have friends
      2. make groups
      3. make games.
      4. it only adds games that valve made.

      understand now idiot?

  3. I’m sure the same can be said about you and your “Company”/”Community”. You’re not exactly crescent fresh, even when you want it to seem that way it just never gets any better.

    I would assume you ignore comments, but instead of simply ignoring your arrogant and incoherent blogs I’m going to comment until you block me yet again from another social service.

    Here’s the thing: Blocking out people who legitimately have an interest in following you is just a dick move. Considering most of what you do is dick moves along with your Nazi clan of misfit moderators on your poorly maintained forums, I see to it that you’re not really doing a good job in the influence department.

    Also the only excuse you have is “I’m rich as fuck”. A clear example of arrogance. What do you think I’m here to comment about? I’d thought you’d never ask (sarcasm, hint; hint).

    You’re an arrogant, disgraceful dickhead. There’s nothing more to it. Aside from your mediocre methods and shoddy blogs filled with false agenda and propaganda, I’ve got nothing good to say about you other than you created a mod and now have become a has been indie developer.

    Back then your intentions were different and your public image showed that. Now you’re nothing but an asshat. You’re no better than those you despise.

    Good luck convincing me otherwise, but I think you ruined your own games along with your own public image.


    1. Oh boy, Garry must be crying all the way to the bank, to learn from some idiot internet commenter that his reputation is ruined.

      Thank you for this important, detailed and well-researched post on the topic. It’s very much appreciated.

  4. Yes, the “doom and gloom” posts are sorta funny, but in all honesty, the ones painting Steam/Valve as a potential monopoly… were/are they that wrong? You can’t play most AAA titles now without Steam and Steam is viewed as the mecca for indie devs (they release their game elsewhere and then, finally, get released on Steam and everyone starts bitching about “where’s our steam keys?!?!?!?” lol). I understand part of this is to drive home the “people are resistant to change” idea, but there’s a certain point where change really is bad. Steam doesn’t have a software issue, it has a “people issue”. Their customer service is notoriously horrendous, Greenlight/EA (or just the idea of community policing, in general) is a joke, and they are so hands-off as to come off as cold and robotic. The only face they have for the company other than fictitious ones from their games is Gabe’s and he’s not in a very positive light right now…

    1. What’s a “potential” monopoly? Last I checked “most” AAA games were made by publishers with their own alternative distribution platforms, while nicer platforms like GOG aren’t getting as much customers as they should. If anything, today there are *more* alternatives to Steam and their exclusive market share is getting smaller, not bigger. There’s no real monopoly here whatsoever, except of course a company will always some monopoly on its own products and services.

      As a market leader, Valve can get away with more bullshit, but it’s really the customers who decide that having worse customer support is worth whatever benefits Steam brings you (lots of products, sales, exclusive features…). If gamers decide to be lazy and install only one client (I certainly am), and publishers decide to be lazy and consequently support only one form of DRM, how is Valve to blame? It would be idiotic to expect a company to spend money to improve things like customer support when really people don’t care that much about it. I certainly don’t, but then again I never needed it either.

      This whole “people issue” thing simply doesn’t matter much for a company. It’s a nice-to-have to be viewed as “good guys”, but with growing success people are almost certainly going to turn on you, and they aren’t going to turn back, either. Either way, it has little (if any) impact in terms of profit and that is *what companies are all about*.

  5. Steam is to pc gaming as coke is to cola – sure there’s choices and one or two contenders, but steam without a doubt has the lionshare of digital pc game distribution and is a household name. As foe the “people” thing – we just found out how pissing off your consumer base equates to fewer sales so im not sure why that needs explaining…

  6. Garry, do the views in your post represent your feelings about Steam/Valve or has your account been hacked? It seems weird you would bite the hand that feeds.

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