Android: Best & Worst

Hey guys I’ve had an iPhone since they first came out and five days I switched to a Google Pixel. It took a couple of days to get used to it, but I did some migration prep beforehand.

The Worst

  • Scrolling feels weird after coming from iOS. Less consistent, more drag somehow.
  • No visual voicemail (built in)
  • One app I used regularly isn’t available (Breaker podcast app)
  • Everyone else has an iPhone, so to get a Find My Friends equivalent you need to get your friends/family to install the google version (Trusted Contacts)
  • Notifications are weird enough that I’m not totally used to them yet.
  • Copying old whatsapp messages seemed like a pain in the ass so I didn’t bother
  • Text input is okay, but text editing isn’t great. It might be because I’m inexperienced but I really miss double clicking a word to select it and moving the caret by dragging the space bar.

The Best

  • It came with a cable and copies everything from your old phone (messages, photos, contacts, calendars etc)
  • Google Photos is way faster/slicker than Apple’s photos.
  • You can copy all your photos/videos to Google Photos using the iOS app beforehand
  • Photo + Video storage is free if you let Google compress them (which makes no difference)
  • Read and send SMS messages from your PC – this is massive for me because I spend most of my time at the PC
  • Read phone notifications on your PC. They appear just like the regular window notifications.
  • Can set safe zones so your phone doesn’t lock in certain locations (like in your house)
  • App layout WAY more customisation. It has a drawer with all the apps in but you can put them wherever you want on the “desktop”. That’s way nicer than iOS’s 10 horizontal pages and a web of drawers layout. You can put apps at the bottom of the screen and leave the top empty.
  • You can add shortcuts to the desktop too, not just webpages, I added one to open whatsapp to Sarah, so it jumps straight there.
  • It tells you what time the battery is going to run out.
  • Double press power button to open camera, volume button does the shutter.
  • Every iPhone app I use apart from one is available and works.
  • Some apps open even faster (Control4, nxWitness pop up instantly, where on iOS there was always a delay)
  • Shows you what song is playing on the TV right on the lock screen
  • Google can understand my accent way better than Siri. I don’t have to clean it up at all.
  • All your passwords are stored and autofilled on one platform, no fucking around with third party password managers, syncs seamlessly between mobile and desktop.
  • You get to tell everyone you’re using Android like a prick


I don’t really use my phone for anything more than text messages, twitter and news – so my requirements aren’t that high. I switched because I hate big heavy phones. The pixel is about as tall as my old iPhone but it’s thinner and way lighter.

I can’t imagine that I’d switch back to an iPhone again now. The switch is the hardest part, so it’d take a lot to convince me to move back now I’ve broken free.

7 thoughts on “Android: Best & Worst

  1. “You get to tell everyone you’re using Android like a prick”

    i remember it used to be a flex in school telling people you’ve got the newest iphone

    you’re just cucking yourself using apple products tbh

  2. I have always had Android, and absolutely love the ability to “arrange” icons to suit myself. But wait, there’s more. Try out some of the kazillion Launchers! Welcome to freedom Garry!

  3. Sorta weird that Google News recommended me this, but Android does in fact have built in visual voicemail. It’s in the Google Phone app but it seems to have a very specific set of requirements before showing up. I downloaded HulloMail because it wasn’t showing up for me yet with my new phone it showed up, same Phone app and everything. But installing a custom ROM made it vanish. Don’t know what it wants to exist. Btw you can double tap to select a word lol. Also I’ve used both iPhone and Android and I’ve never noticed a scrolling difference, that’s very strange.

  4. If you’re using Google’s gboard keyboard (Pixel does), you can double tap to select a word and can also move the cursor by sliding the space bar. Check keyboard settings.

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