Approved Updates

Thursday, August 16, 2012

People still ask me now and then "How long does it take Valve to approve an update".. and occasionally "wow this update is crashing every time I x - how did Valve approve this?". They seem to be under the impression that when I send an update to Valve there's a Microsoft style certification period - where hundreds of people play the update and give it the thumbs up. This isn't what's happening at all. When I send the update to Valve they're putting it on Steam. The time delay is the delay between me uploading the update - sending the email - then someone at Valve getting into work, checking their email, and pushing the update out to the hundreds of Steam content servers.

It probably sounds like a stupid process to the outside world - since updates aren't checked why can't we just upload them and push them out ourselves? Well yeah. Valve already answered that prayer for the majority of steamwork developers though - with their new Steam Pipe stuff (which offers instant updates among other awesome features).

Unfortunately it's a system we can't use right now - being tethered to the Source engine like we are. I'm told that it's probably going to be one of the last things that gets updated - which means I won't be sending out 15 GMod updates a day any time soon.

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