Game Idea a Week

Saturday, April 20, 2013

We started a thing in the office. Everyone has to come up with a game idea every week. It has to fit on a single sheet of A4 paper.

As you would expect a lot of the best ideas don't actually come from people that know much about game development. They come from people that are thinking without limitations. When I think of a game I'm breaking it down and walling it in, my brain is designing on a grid, with existing technology.

But Craig is on another level. Craig is the office manager. His day job involves things like accounting and payroll. He doesn't know how to program. So his ideas were the most crazy.

craig 4th person

craig birdsim

craig pornchess

craig quickdraw

The last one, Quick Draw, the drawing made me laugh that much in the meeting that I turned it into an actual game. There's a 10-20 second delay, a bell rings, then the crosshair will appear and you have to shoot your opponent before they shoot you. Check it out (needs unity player).

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