A long long time ago we used Jenkins. Then we switched to Bamboo because the Jenkins interface was feeling a bit 1990s. So now it’s like 5 years later and we’re in the process of moving back to it. Here’s why.

Unity 2017 Changelist

We do a thing in Rust’s subreddit where we get people to post their ideal changelog. I find these threads a lot more useful than reading people’s dissertations on what they want changed. They’re brief, skimmable, and they’re not full of justifications, speculation and predictions. So here’s my changelist for Unity in 2017. Removed deprecated […]

Binding Steamworks SDK

I’ve been working on Facepunch.Steamworks in the background while doing Rust’s workshop integration. Just Prerelease branch is shipping with it now. The challenge was to make a c# library that works under Unity (and not) without recompiling, and on a bunch of platforms. Here’s everything that sucked about it. Pack Size All the structs in […]


  Like everyone else, I¬†started making my own C# Steamworks wrapper. The idea is to wrap everything up in a way that makes it easy to use, and less like the c++ interface. I could write more¬†shit about it here, but I’d just be repeating what I wrote on its readme, so I won’t bother. […]


I have a big problem with big politics. I have a problem aligning myself with a party. It’s messy. Issues aren’t black and white. I feel like by aligning myself to a particular party because I agree with them the most, I’m betraying my opinions on all the stuff I don’t agree with them on. […]

Unreal Engine

I’ve had my first taste of Unreal Engine over the last few months. I haven’t touched unreal engine before, so this is deep water to me. I’ve been working with Unity for the last 2-3 years. I’ve hardly used c++ since then. Jesus christ you forget what a total fucking nightmare it is. You look […]

I got suspended from twitter

I got suspended from twitter yesterday. I didn’t know until I tried to send a tweet and this popped up. There was lots of speculation on why this could have happened. Maybe the Muslim Mafia had seen my tweet about muslims. Not racist or offensive when you read the whole context, but could have easily […]