Automated Crash Processor

I’ve written an automated crash processer about 4 times. Every time I’ve had to google how exactly to do it. Every time I’ve thought to myself “fuck me, I wish I’d written this down”. We’re getting a bunch of crashes in Rust. When unity crashes it drops a folder in the game root with a dump […]

Stalkers and Abuse – Part 5

Sorry for the delay on this. I was actually starting to feel sorry for Andy, he’d emailed me some stuff and I thought he had regretted the stuff he’d done. But that turned out to be a temporary thing. So on we go. I was trying to be his friend, to help him, but I […]

Stalkers and Abuse – Part 4

So I decided to tackle Andrew head on. To win him over, and be on his side. That way I could stop him contacting my friends and family, calm him down, keep an eye on him, possibly improve the life of his parents. I could turn a negative into a positive. I’d be becoming the […]

Stalkers and Abuse – Part 3

You can read part 2 here. 2011 and 2012 came and went without any contact from Andrew. Then in 2013 I got a single long email. It’s November, getting towards the holiday season again, which are usually when his blow ups occur. My gran had died recently, so I used that as a test, to […]