PlasticSCM Speed Tip

We use PlasticSCM for Rust. If the repository wasn’t 30gb and I didn’t have to teach people how to use it, I’d probably use GitHub instead. Downloading 30GB from our PlasticSCM server was slow. Really slow. So here’s a protip. Find your client.conf file – usually in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\plastic4. Open it, scroll down to <DownloadPoolSize>1</DownloadPoolSize> and […]

Becoming A Gamedev

I pretty regularly get asked for general game development advice. Usually from students, sometimes from older people considering a career change. So here’s my best advice in a single blog post. How Do I Learn To Make Games? There’s no single answer to this question. People learn in different ways. Some can only learn if […]


Sarah had the shits all night. Apparently that’s a sign that the baby is due – but we didn’t know that. At about 6AM she got pains. So we calmly started timing them and writing them down in a notepad, like they tell you to. The pains were about 5 minutes apart, which is kind […]

Living Room Vive

I’ve had a vive in my office for a while. Not a new Vive, but the old kryten looking devkit. So when the preorder started for the proper version I decided I wanted to order one to put in the living room, with a computer in a drawer, that I could just close with it […]

I jacked off in VR, twice

I remember years ago I was in a chat room talking to a friend about porn. He told me that he only wanks to video porn, and pictures don’t do it for him. This was in the days when it took 4 hours to download a video. I thought to myself, what a snobby cunt. […]

GDC 2016

Every time I go to one of these things I always remember how much they don’t do anything for me. I see everyone enjoying it and genuinely gaining knowledge and skills. But to me it always feels like I’m waiting to go home. Talks Going to talks is a waste of time. The online versions […]

Rust’s Networking

I sometimes get asked how we do the networking system in Rust + Unity. Do we use Unity’s networking system? Do we use uLink? Do we use two different projects, one for server, one for client? So here’s how we do.