Becoming A Gamedev

I pretty regularly get asked for general game development advice. Usually from students, sometimes from older people considering a career change. So here’s my best advice in a single blog post. How Do I Learn To Make Games? There’s no single answer to this question. People learn in different ways. Some can only learn if […]


Sarah had the shits all night. Apparently that’s a sign that the baby is due – but we didn’t know that. At about 6AM she got pains. So we calmly started timing them and writing them down in a notepad, like they tell you to. The pains were about 5 minutes apart, which is kind […]

Living Room Vive

I’ve had a vive in my office for a while. Not a new Vive, but the old kryten looking devkit. So when the preorder started for the proper version I decided I wanted to order one to put in the living room, with a computer in a drawer, that I could just close with it […]

I jacked off in VR, twice

I remember years ago I was in a chat room talking to a friend about porn. He told me that he only wanks to video porn, and pictures don’t do it for him. This was in the days when it took 4 hours to download a video. I thought to myself, what a snobby cunt. […]

GDC 2016

Every time I go to one of these things I always remember how much they don’t do anything for me. I see everyone enjoying it and genuinely gaining knowledge and skills. But to me it always feels like I’m waiting to go home. Talks Going to talks is a waste of time. The online versions […]

Rust’s Networking

I sometimes get asked how we do the networking system in Rust + Unity. Do we use Unity’s networking system? Do we use uLink? Do we use two different projects, one for server, one for client? So here’s how we do.

Crash Log Tags

So in my last blog I talked about how I set up a system to auto-report crashes from Unity to our servers. How to grab the stack trace and group them all up. It was working great but it was missing a couple of things. Say I get a crash that gets reported 10,000 times.. […]