Some Music

Friday, August 21, 2020

I listen to a music when I'm working or gardening or cleaning. So I get through a lot of music and soon get sick of hearing the same songs. Here's some songs that are new to me that I've liked over the last month. If you like any of these and think I'll like a song you know about, please fire it at me on twitter.

The First Big Weekend

A scottish guy talks about his weekend over loud music. I like this multilayered shit, how it starts off quiet and slow with him just talking, and the song builds in the background without you really being overly aware of it.


A guy talking about how awesome he is over some hotline maimi sounding music. He sounds like Terry Tibbs.

Liberty Belle

Feels like a cross between The Clash and Libertines.


This isn't a song you're going to listen to all the time, I can imagine it'll get annoying fast. Kind of reminds me of Jilted John. Takes me back to my dole days, especially the bit where he's pissed off because his interview was late - even though this is the one thing he has to do every 2 weeks.

Uncle Brian's Abattoir

I've got no idea what this is about, but it's smooth and sticks in your head pretty good after a few plays.

We Hate The Kids

A nice "fuck you" song. I'm not 100% sure what it's rallying against but I like it. I came to the Indelicates through this song by the way.

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