Stalkers and Abuse – Part 6

Saturday, November 28, 2015

It was December 2014, Andrew after trolling dating websites for years, had been finally picked up by the police. My replies are in green.

date: Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 1:44 AM
subject: Police

Well, that was fun, just spent 6 hours in police custody :((((

Did you learn anything?

Yes, a few things.....

Yes, but it's worked out far too expensive, the 6 hrs was the tip of the iceberg, they also confiscated loads of hardware from me too. Explanation I've written up:

FAO men and those who support them everywhere,

......I had a big Twitter fight with 2 feminists and their friends in October,
and it transpires they ran to the police to say they fealt threatened and harassed. Consequently the police appeared today at my flat to arrest me and seize several of my possessions. They took my phone, the tablet computer, the chargers for both and 4 hard disks rendering my PC unusable. In total.about £1000 worth of property. I spent a total of about 6 hours in local police station; 4 hours or more in a cell, the rest being questionned, having sample of my DNA stolen, and fingerprints taken amongst other things. I gave my side of events which shows the behaviour of the women was also abusive and provocative towards me, including gangstalking (which I can prove with multiple screenshots).

I have to appear at the station again on March 31 to hear how they're going to proceed, until then they are supposedly going to keep my gadgets for further investigation - this is despite me admitting the accusations - and barely been able to function on any level without them. Am usually infront of a screen 15 hrs a day.

Initially they were talking about June.

As a male with an Autism Spectrum condition and a lifelong sufferer of bullying and ostracism I feel completely violated and victimized by this whole ordeal. How and why are the police able to cause massive disruption to a man's life at the behest of 2 women with a track record of manhating and police manipulation?

The conclusion is clear; if you argue with a woman in 2014, even online, they can destroy your life.

Merry Christmas (mine's wrecked)

Yeah that it'd be funny if someone molotov'd the 2 feminazi bitches involved....

You've shown me the things you write to these women on the dating sites - it was bound to get you in trouble eventually.

Here's blow by blow account of what happened: (rehosted)

TL;DR: police stole my phone, tablet computer, 2 chargers and 4 hard disks, telling me I might not get them back until late March. Whole life is fucked. No reason not to take revenge against bitches involved.

​I got a few points for you here.

1. This isn't the first time this has happened, we both know that. You must know what you're doing, what you're getting yourself into, where every argument you have on the internet goes. If you felt sorry for your parents you wouldn't keep putting them in these situations.
2. If you were being harassed you should have contacted the police - and they'd have been knocking their doors instead.
3. It sounds as if even after this you still haven't learned your lesson​.
4. Revenge, searching for things the police did wrong, it's all a waste of time. They've won. Just move on.

I knew Andrew had a tendency to dwell on things. To mark himself as an innocent victim, with right on his side, eventually to be completely vindicated. He never seemed to realise that vincidation never comes for him, because he's usually more in the wrong than the people that he's provoked into wronging him. So the obvious thing was going to happen here. He was going to kick up a fuss, end up attacking these women again, and ending up talking to the police again. Unless he learned from it and moved on with his life.

Yeah, in hindsight all the signs of crazy were there on her blog but I was thinking with brain jr #fail

Having a penis makes you a 2nd class citizen these days.
Police always take the woman's side....

Did you read the info? Does it seem rational they seized all that stuff from me AFTER I admitted wrongdoing? If I was denying it then, yeah, makes sense for them to probe.

Taking this to small claims court. Payday for me, courtesy of those biatches. ;)

Well, they still have my stuff. If I got it all back today I could try moving on, but March??

You're right - instead of learning from it and moving on, lets find an excuse to drag it on and on. If they'd arrested you and locked you up for 5 years, upon release you'd spend the next 10 years going crazy about how they stole 5 years of your life.

Not true. I would have whacked the judge :>

I have learned from it, a lot actually, but that means I should accept losing property and general unfairness? $2000 worth of hardware to me is probably equivalent to about $80m to you. If someone took $80m from you would you just shrug your shoulders and say it's ok - especially if you'd had a lifetime of abuse and mistreatment? What if that $80m was just the hardware costs of the essential tools and the data stored was worth a multiple of that?

To be honest I'd try to use those 5 years as productively as possible and it would depend on whether I deserved it in the first place. If I did it to myself I'd take it on the chin otherwise I would be pissed like now. My whole argument is that so far I have been treated in massively disproportionate way (all articulated clearly at [removed]).

PS your, and your employees, taxes are paying for all this.

"All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

Instead of being worried that they'd taken his computer to prove other crimes they suspected him of and keeping quiet, he was thinking of revenge. Again.

subject: The horrible feminazi monster probably spun an elaborate yarn


So now, instead of abusing women on twitter, you're looking for videos of women being killed. That's healthy.

They're not women, they're feminists.

And the videos are to share with others.

PS Why is it ok for women to abuse men, but not the inverse?

Local MP getting involved now, am gonna teach these little whores about fucking with me and don't say you wouldn't if you were in same position

Reduced to using shitty £5 phone from Asda as police have my £500 phone. Yet you think those girls deserve to live? :O

I just made counter-allegation to police against the witches, including against the cunt they incited to send me threat. Hopefully they get their shit seized, but of course due to me being male they'll most likely not pursue it....what a BS system we live in.

It's weird, cuz I've never had this problem. But I guess it doesn't happen until you abuse/stalk people over Twitter.

Part of me thinks the system might not be at fault, part of me think that if you had hunted these women down and killed them, and there had been an ignored police report, the police would have got into a lot of trouble. But no, definitely a feminist conspiracy ruining your life.

Lol have you NEVER had an argument with someone, with a woman? All they need to do is pick up the phone and say, "I feel threatened", and it's game over.

Hard to disagree with 2nd paragraph. But realistically how likely are the police to think someone would do that, unless you start foaming at the mouth and making blood curdling threats in which case you get carted's an interesting theory though.

Wasn't saying conspiracy against me personally btw, just that chicks seem to get away with a lot more also they'd both recently experienced domestic violence, so perhaps somehow the system would consider them more vulnerable and deserving of help or something?

But yeah in future I'll try biting tongue, and/or just not messaging crazies in the first place. Is amazing how quickly things can escalate. BTW think it'd be illegal to make game featuring characters with vague likeness to them? :>

You can probably see where this is going. Months and months of anti feminist crap mixed with more dating crap.

Where do you think best location for best date is? I tried inviting her here but she wants to meet somewhere public first.


Good idea, thanks. :)

Although I wonder how could I get her to come here or invite me there? :>
Don't understand why she's apprehensive to do that without meeting in public first. It's not like everyone's a demented axe murderer IRL or something, this isn't Hollywood....statistically we both have more chance of being murdered by Godzilla or something.

I guess because going around some guys house isn't a date.

Oh... :(

date: Sat, Dec 20, 2014 at 5:35 AM
subject: Society

Seems like a good system

Haha for you. What happens when the pawns wake-up and decide to turn on those under the chessboard?

How did you manage to become one of the non-pawns anyway? Oh yeah, luck.

Yeah has nothing to do with hard work and discipline.

1 example of luck: How many times have you had cops called on you because of a routine argument?

How are you so disciplined? Because you know there's guarantee of money?

Or maybe been born to a wealthy family.

Sorry just pissed off with this thing called life. It's like I'm not allowed any real substantial victory no matter how hard I try.

You act like you're having arguments on Twitter, harassing women on dating sites and being an asshole to your parents because you think it's gonna get you somewhere in life. It isn't. It's all distractions. There's no conspiracy. It's all your own fault.

Arguments on Twitter, well, more like occasional debates these days. I tend to block there very quickly now. The only people I've had serious grief with are those 2 chicks and their allies.

Admittedly I made SEVERAL mistakes there (that I made list of) and learned a lot of lessons, however, it's frustrating that their behaviour was pretty lousy and police have so far only toyed with my life. Why aren't they being arrested or having their work tools seized? It brings up memories of the school playground. They hit me, then when I retaliate the teacher goes apeshit against me, so I learned to stop fighting back and they tortured me for the subsequent several years.

Not harassing anyone on dating sites anymore, a chick harassed me the other day and I bit my tongue electing to report her instead - predictably nothing's been done to her. I suspect if I'd been the aggressor or had retaliated I'd probably have been banned, it's total BS.

I agree it's distractions. But how do you let it go when someone is sniping at you with impunity? You report them and no-one cares. You retaliate and you become the bad guy. So does that mean I have no rights? I'm a 2nd class citizen? Why? Not money or class, what they all seem to have in common is rule for men, another for women.

I'm nice to most people hence why I've got almost 500 followers on Twitter. I treat people how they treat me. And when I screw up, I apologize and try to make it upto them if they let me. Once they go apeshit like those 2 chicks, they lose the moral high ground and any right to that. I had no idea those 2 bitches were gonna get the police and that the police would behave like that. It seems insane to me. Arguments online, not threats just stupid words. One of them reported me for saying she looked like a horse and drawing some cartoons of her and the police seemed to be taking it seriously, WTF? Did I just wake up from a coma of 50 years, since when is that policeworthy?

I'd do more shit with Unity but no idea what to do that'll lead to indie success....if I could learn to love it again it'd help, but dunno how....

Poor me, poor me. You're not the victim here. You're the asshole stalker. Maybe not in your head, but to anyone else looking in from the outside.

You're mad that people aren't being punished when they're mean to you? Are you for real? How many people have you been mean to? How many of those incidents ended in you being punished in some way?

Stop acting like a victim, it's a bullshit crutch, as long as you have it you have an excuse to be a do nothing loser. Take some fucking responsibility.

How am I an asshole stalker? According to who? She said "stop messaging me", but continually refused to hit block despite being repeatedly told to, all the while slagging me off and inviting her friends to gangstalk me. Isn't that pretty much self-inflicted on her part? Granted I shouldn't have sent her messages outside of Twitter, but she could have blocked there too. And I wasn't being hostile outside Twitter but offering an olive branch which she promptly snapped and used to gouge my eyes out.

It's not the fact the police might eventually fine me X or give me Y hours of community service, I don't care about that, as long as not a single penny goes to her - what I care about is their disproportionate reaction. Why do they need to confiscate 4 hard disks, a smartphone and a tablet computer, and then have them sitting in storage until March because it's "such a low priority"? It's cost me a fortune to partially replace that stuff. Why don't they just clone the drives now and give me the data back, if not the drives themselves? Also the data is irreplaceable (granted one lesson was I'm an idiot for not backing up offsite).

Am mad the bitches aren't being punished AT ALL while I'M being punished SEVERELY. It's a double standard. My Mum likes everyone and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt - I frequently say far too much, and even she hates the chick.

If it wasn't for police involvement I'd take it all as just Internet banter, I'd even turn a blind eye to the semi-threat one of her allies sent me. If you read the chick's blog and tweets you'd see she's a vindictive manhating PoS, she went out of her way to hatch a really elaborate revenge scheme against her ex, they got back together and then a bit later he's subjecting her to DV. Kinda adds up. She makes ppl wanna attack her. One of these days someone is gonna do her in most likely, no, not me. Hopefully her ex will tamper with her brakes or something, that'd make me VERY happy. Hell, she even looks like a stereotypical witch and most likely has nightly sex with goats on a Satanic altar.

You're right, the reason you're not making any money, the reason you're all on your own, it's the double standard and bad luck. Thanks for clearing that up.

I can't remember saying that. Double standard refers specifically to situation with those 2 Twitter idiots. Not that it means I didn't make any mistakes there, because I did.

Hmmm, are you implying you are 100% responsible for everything that's ever happened to you?

Do you think police were right to confiscate all that stuff and just leave it sitting around gathering dust?

You make a lot of valid points.... you're pretty clever for a brummy.... :> *jk*

But seriously, how do you keep so disciplined?

Admittedly it can feel empowering to take responsibility for things.

So yeah, he was annoying me. He might argue back, but I think he appreciates hearing the harsh truth. I knew nothing about these two women that called the cops on him. He might have just lightly trolled them and it might have been disproportionate. But we're on part 6 of this shit, we know Andy by now, we can pretty much fill in the blanks of what happened, what he was likely to have done.

Good morning :)

I was wondering if you could shed some light on something a bit strange. I was talking to this chick on Tinder a few weeks ago who was apparently well up for "it", then she suddenly stopped speaking to me. My crime? Telling her I "wanted to suck her nips", she just replied with "hehe". Was this a faux pas on my part? She was supposedly interested in meeting for fun, so WTH did I do wrong? :O

Maybe she found your Twitter account?

Nope, I keep that well separated from all the dating stuff....there shouldn't be any clues linking them.

Good theory actually, and I wondered if she might have tried a reverse image search or something (although doubt she's that industrious). Anyway didn't find anything searching like that.

So you'd agree my nips comment wasn't necessarily offensive in itself then? :P

Hmmm, any ideas if it might be illegal to take someone's photo and put in game where you can punch the crap out of it?

And then on Christmas Day 2014, I got this email.

date: Thu, Dec 25, 2014 at 12:03 AM
subject: Merry Assfuckmas

Goddamn pigs!

Arrested AGAIN...

This time, after repeatedly shining their torches in my kitchen window and almost giving me a heart attack, they took:

* Brand new £130 replacement phone
* Brand new £80 replacement hard drive and another 4 hard drives (inluding 2 external drives I haven't used at all for about 4 years and an ancient drive not used for literally about 8 years).
* 2 chargers
* They also took my 1 remaining tablet computer, the iPad 2.

So now they have NINE hard drives, 2 smartphones, 2 tablets and 4 chargers. Why don't they just take my bed and fridge too?

They also took me to the station in the back of a van inside a cage! And I spent a few hours in cell.

Additionally, they said I don't get the stuff back until as late as MAY and in the meantime I'm not allowed to use any social media as part of bail conditions. Going to lobby hard via solicitor, Asperger team, Human Rights lawyer and local MP for them to return stuff sooner and lose those absurd bail conditions. Also going to make formal complaint about the 2 bitches involved in this and hopefully chase compensation too. The behaviour of the police is so massively disproportionate.

I used to respect the police, but now starting to really despise them. I hope what happened in NYC with those 2 baconites getting shot in their patrol car is just the beginning of a global backlash against those incompetent, corrupt fascists. How dare they do this to me on xmas eve, what next, waterboarding?

Anyway, hope your Christmas is better than mine. Merry Christmas.

I know it's schadenfreude, but this made me happy. It confirmed everything I was warning him about. Stop fucking obsessing, it's going to get you in more trouble. The only people I felt mildly sorry for were his parents, having their Christmas ruined. Having to go to the police station on Christmas morning while everyone else was opening their presents because their 39 year old son can't use an internet connection responsibly.

What did you do this time? What lessons did you learn? Maybe to stop pushing your luck?

They arrested on suspicion of

"further harassment" and
"malicious communication"

Even the solicitor said he couldn't understand how they were coming up with either. Only problem is the accusation is enough for the baconites to justify seizing all that equipment and imposing any bail conditions they want while they're sat on their fat incompetent asses scarfing donuts and coffee, uhhh, I mean, "Investigating".

Fortunately they didn't try to impose a no Internet bail condition, as my Stepdad told solicitor, "there'd be murder".

My bail conditions from the last time were not to contact the 2 absolute nutjobs and I complied. But apparently slagging them off on my own Twitter was enough grounds for police involvement. Bye bye freedom of speech and opinions.

Apparently one of the chicks ran to the police twice in a fortnight to complain about me. She claimed she felt harassed because of my comments on my own Twitter feed. As solicitor was trying to tell the pigs, "How can you claim harassment when she is having to go out of her way to read comments?".

I made a random angry comment about "the only cure to scouse bitches being acid and fire", and she chose to interpret it as being about her claiming she nows walks around with a bottle of water incase I ever bump into her in the street and throw acid in her face. So basically I have to pay for a mental girl's (by her own admission) paranoia/lies. She also told them I could kill her and not feel anything. She's not going to be happy until I'm either in jail for life, or dead. Don't think you can satisfy a mind like hers without something that extreme. She's already said she wants me off the Internet but I doubt that is enough for her. What's bizarre to me is if she really think I'm THAT dangerous, why is she going out of her way to rile me? I think I understand the dynamics at play that led to her ex clobbering her repeatedly. Apparently at one point he pinned her down and spat in her face - that suggests a very extreme form of hatred. Yet the police hang on her every word. Wonder if it's because she deals with female cop and she's single mother so gets preferential treatment.

I also tweeted I was going to make a game about her and her son, which police confirmed such game wouldn't be illegal but it riled her so much it formed part of her complaint. Also said I hoped her plane crashed and she was only person to get killed lol, apparently hurting people's feelings is policeworthy now.

One main thing I learned from this was to make my tweets private so nutjob can't stalk them anymore. Apparently she was using my reading of her tweets (to determine if she was talking about me negativly) as justification for her fears all while religously reading mine.

Me and stepdad are going to station on Monday to make our formal counter-allegation about her and her cronies as despite police taking it over phone they did nothing with it.

Other main thing I learned is that police are fundamentally not fit for purpose in this country, as solicitor said everything is black and white to police, no shades of grey i.e. They're more Autistic than me!

I totally want compo for all this, 6 figures, 5 at absolute minimum.

Some might say I should moderate language on Twitter but as I repeatedly told baconites she was the only one to complain and I'll be damned if I have my opinions censored. Stepdad also told them it's common for people in my position to vent on social media without it meaning anything.

It annoys me. Not only the obvious, that he'd be posting this shit and not even see how it might affect other people, how it might make them feel. But that his Stepdad and solicitor would stand by him. It's enabling. He needs someone to say to him, this is fucked up, you're fucked up, writing that shit, you deserve to be locked up. I dunno, I guess the solicitor is doing his job, and his stepdad has run out of energy to push back.

I don't understand, what are you achieving by posting that shit on Twitter?

As I said it's venting. How else to process anger/rage/sense of injustice etc? Also for my followers to see, let them know what's going on, elicit sympathy etc. Also to let the monster know how she makes people feel about her. Isn't this country supposed to be a Democracy? Isn't freedom of speech sacrosant in a democracy?

Freedom of speech doesn't cover threats, no matter how empty they are. I did warn you, and I'm guessing so did everyone else.

How is saying you hoped someone's plane crashed a threat and a few ppl warned me but it seemed insane. Even my solicitor said it was BS. The more they keep arresting me for frivollous reasons, the more it looks like they're harassing me and the easier my case for compo gets. I want a money hat! :P

Your solicitor is paid to oppose their view.

So you think they have a case? Apart from the nutcase who keeps reporting me every 5 minutes. Anyway I made my tweets private now so she can't spy, but as I told them she'll be back with more complaints. That kinda personality isn't happy until their adversaries are either dead or in jail for life.

There's limits to what he can easily defend.... how would he defend an Anders Breivik or bin Laden? They'd at least struggle, right?

Yesterday, without pause he had, "I can't see how this is harassment". No room for ambiguity and pretty much told them they were full of it.


I asked my Mum and [STEPDAD NAME] to do me a REALLY simple favour, to phone O2 on my behalf and they totally fucked it up, despite clear instructions, and then acted totally confused with me by text to the point of me replying....

"Well done you and [MOM NAME] just had me collapse onto my knees in the living room screaming at the top of my voice, "IT'S CHRISTMAS DAY AND PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO DRIVE ME INSANE!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!??? WHAT IS GOING ON!!!??? WHAT IS GOING ON!!!??? WHAT IS GOING ON!!!???""

.....don't tell me my luck isn't rotten, I was brought up by 2 totally clueless retards with a totally indifferent Father in the background, in addition to all my other horrible problems. I drew the shortest of straws in life. If I kill this bitch in Halewood or even directly attack a police station then no-one should be shocked after the lifetime of the most insane provocation imaginable. :((

And he wonders what he's doing wrong.

Hmmm, think it would be illegal to make a game about bitch? Wouldn't that be censoring me and impinging on my artistic expression?

Why would you? So you 'win'? In the most minor way possible?

To comprehensivley fuck her over and maybe make money, or at least have something to add to my gamedev CV, in the process.

She's won? I should accept more injustice in my life? More bullying? Victimization?

In 2008 why didn't you accept me and whatever that weird angry Canadian nerd was called....Luapineapple....winning? Because you were in the right? Because all that's needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing?

Seriously, she's probably demon-possessed and needs to be crushed ruthlessly. I promised myself I'd never be bullied again after school and here she and her friends are doing it.

No, you're right. Spend weeks making a mediocre game that no one will play but this woman and a few police men, then get arrested for it and have more stuff confiscated, that'll show her who is boss.

Move on.

What makes you think it'd be, "mediocre"? I already have a name for it..... Scousebitchdeathcraft! As should be obvious from the name it's about crafting elaborate ways to kill as many pf the women of Liverpool as possible.

Do whatever you want. If you don't want advice I'll keep it to myself.

I was joking. But on a serious note I am a bit short on game ideas. Maybe I could be extremely cautious about how she appears in the game - no surname etc for plausible deniability :)

As you can see, I was getting sick of it. I was wondering why I was bothering. He lives in his own world. He doesn't take any advice.

He forwarded a friendly email he'd sent to his mom and dad.

date: Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Remember when I warned you that I was going to kill myself before my 40th birthday, especially if things didn't get radically better for me? This whole business with police has been a massive setback for me, especially if the monstrous bullying cyberbitch is allowed to get away with it. If I am the only person who has to pay any price, despite overwhelming evidence of the guilt of others then it's clear my time on this Earth has ran out. What's to stop me from going out and stepping into the path of a train right now? Today? Even with my cold? I could get a taxi there. I'm sorry but I categorically refuse to live life as a loser. Every year now for several years I have been promising myself, "this will be my year!", the year I turn it all around. And insane things keep happening beyond my control. Problematic neighbours, home-invasion, incompetent/corrupt/indifferent police. I know for a fact that if I don't kill myself, I'm probably on course to a MASSIVE heart attack in my 40's thanks to all the severe stress I've had and continue to have. Right now I am writing this with pains in my chest. I want to live, but not as a third-class citizen with zero rights or protections! My 40th is just 15 months away - I have several years of productive work to compress into that time and I still haven't overcome the situation with that psychotic girl who is out to crucify me. How much of the next year of my life is going to be eaten-up with this? Would it be easier for you all if I just offed myself?

Not happy with merely ruining Christmas, I guess he wanted to ruin their new years too.

Have you ever had a genuinely bad day in your entire life?

Or have you always been that lucky?

I have had plenty of bad days. Every problem you have is caused by yourself as far as I can see, not luck.

Like the first arrest? Who realistically expects to be taken away by police in the dead of night, their property stolen and put on a ducking stool like a wild rabid dog jutst for a few words on Twitter? Not once did I threaten the fat terrorist whore or anything like it.

What happened to your sister didn't happen to you, it happened to her. You are not the centre of the universe.

What did you expect your behaviour on dating sites and on Twitter to achieve? Did you expect anything good to happen? Couldn't you see that it was going to bite you in the ass? No? Why not? I think you really should have, there's a good reason that people refrain from hurting people's feelings.

> What happened to your sister didn't happen to you, it happened to her.

So it obviously had no bearings whatsoever on her Mother, her brother, her step-father, her Father, her Grandfather (grief led to his premature death) etc etc?

Hypothetical: how well would you have managed in life if you lost your siblings, or even worse, had them taken away from you while you were still very young and left to grow up without?

If Alex had a sibling, and lost them (God forbid) especially in bad circumstances, don't tell me you would be indifferent and that everyone would expect him to turn out ok without a Hell of a lot of support from others? Are you so callous about this because the culprit was the NHS and we all know those people are pretty much venerated as a religion in this country.....

> You are not the centre of the universe.

Are you familiar with the concept of empathy?

> What did you expect your behaviour on dating sites and on Twitter to achieve? Did you expect anything good to happen? Couldn't you see that it was going to bite you in the ass? No? Why not?

Considering how much I'd read about feminism I guess I should have known better - that all she had to do was run to the cops and potentially screw my life up - as she did. I guess part of me didn't really believe it. They're just words after all. Since when is offending someone illegal? Or since when should it be?

Also since when do you personally believe in any kind of censorship?

I slagged her off, she and her mates slagged me off, we went back and forth like that for a while - normal people would block - but she took the opportunity to retaliate AND have her cake by being first to police.

No-one suggested I go to police RE her first until it was too late. How is she somekind of moral champion here if that's what you think?

As I said, since when are words not constituting threats policeworthy? How many of the Facepunch patrons go to jail for what they say on your forums? What happens to the ones who really step out of line? Oh that's right, banning is sufficient. Maybe you should stop banning and instead call the FBI everytime one hurts the feelings of the other? :/

> I think you really should have, there's a good reason that people refrain from hurting people's feelings.

Listen to Mr sensitive. You're world renown for consistently being Mr nice guy?

I know. I started being meaner to him. It was getting harder to find anything I liked about him. Previously he had a glimmer of hope. He had some kind of positivity about him, an energy, an eagerness. But this shit had washed over him, I only wanted to see him get locked up for what he did, and was doing.

date: Sun, Jan 4, 2015 at 3:22 PM
subject: Legal situation

Am supposed to see solicitor for first proper meeting since all this business started. Any advice about what I could ask her?

Ask her if continuing to post on Twitter was a good idea, and whether posting the website was a good idea.

Let her know you'll probably end up stalking her too if she bites her lip.

Andrew had made a "donate to the cause" website. He was appealing to the whole anti-feminism crew to donate to his obvious mistreatment. And it seemed to be working. He was getting some of the players to tweet about his cause. In between other stuff.

date: Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 7:39 PM
subject: Police women

Is it just my imagination or is pretty much every policewoman in this country either engaged or recently married? :O

Decided to do some "research"* on the one running my persecution, uhhh, case, and seems she's engaged. She's a bit overweight, but I still would :>

She kept looking at me in the court and smiling, maybe because I was gawping in her direction, and I guess her expression could have always been something like, "If only you knew the horrible fate we're engineering for you :>", am not the best when it comes to interpreting body-language. Was a bit weird, I was sat by the entrance of the court at the end and she passed me on her own saying, "Take care Andrew, bye" or words to that effect. Seems a bit strange coming from person who arrested me both times and running case?

*Is amazing how easy it is to find info on them, even when they don't give much away - they always have stupid rels or buddies who shout all their private business from the rooftops. Surely can't be good for people in a position like hers?

Another future victim. A few weeks later in fact.

date: Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 11:16 PM
subject: CopKiller3000 (tm)

This looks just like the stupid man-hating fatso. Now to animate her....


This is the correct version, but will probably be substantially smaller depending on what the game mechanics are exactly. If I get arrested for it, I think it becomes issue for press on Human rights grounds. Not having my right to free speech taken away. If police don't want people fantasizing about butchering them and calling them pigs they should stop acting like it.

His Unity antics continued, he asked a bunch of Unity questions, I tried to help him as much as I could, to get him to concentrate on that. But old feelings returned every now and then. He was still stalking them on twitter. Occasionally he would quote their tweets to me and tell me what he thought about it. I made a point of not replying to these posts, because I didn't want to reward it.

date: Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 7:11 PM
subject: REVENGE

Any ideas for revenge against those 2 bitches and police for turning my life upside-down the last few months? I don't see why I should just lie down and be victimized this way. It's all I can think about everyday, am pretty much enraged the whole day to the point I can't function on any level. Also had to fire solicitor and replace her with someone who knew what she was doing as she was so inexperienced/useless. The whole thing is still open, and could be ongoing for months, and even then I'm totally skeptical I'll EVER get any justice let alone compensation for it all, so no idea how I'm supposed to get closure. No justice pretty much only leave revenge.... not to mention IF I ever do get my £2000 worth of gadgets back they'll probably be riddled with spyware or have data missing and again I'd probably be impotent to get compo about that. I feel like I've been violently raped, totally and utterly violated.

And the neighbour was still a problem.

Think this is ok?

Dear [NAME],

Since moving here there have been several instances where a very powerful and overwhelming odour has emanated from your flat. A few of these times has led me to be violently sick. My belief is that these are related to cooking. I would be grateful if you could mitigate these smells.

Thank you,
Andrew (from upstairs)

Early draft:

Dear [NAME],

You fucking suck. Your smells fucking suck, and I wish you would fucking die.

Please stop stinking my flat up with your smells of rancid meat. I do not know if you are cooking Human flesh or stray animals, or cooking meth, but whatever it is it is making me fucking ill and I really do not want to defenestrate you but you are leaving me few options, cunt.

Desist now.

Best wishes,
Andrew (your potential executioner).

In April he got a visit from the police. But this time he'd requested it. He forwarded an email that he'd sent to an anti-feminist called Elizabeth.

Andre became friends with Elizabeth over his battle. He told her his story. She made a video about it, where she described his situation with outrage, disbelief and disgust. When I saw it I wanted to be sick. He was Andrew, the internet troll, the things he's done, and she was holding him up as a posted boy of male oppression.

Then she actually talked to the two women that had gotten him arrested. She got the full story. She got all the emails he'd sent to them. And she changed her mind. She took the original video down and posted an apology, which she also took down. It wasn't only Elizabeth he was trying to recruit. There's a post here that describes what he was up to at the time.

Holy shit lol.

Just woken from peaceful slumber to very insistent ringing of Intercom and to be greeted with, "It's the police, can we come in?".

Almost had a heart attack. I didn't even have fully charged phone to hurriedly text StepDad that I was about to be black-bagged.

Fortunately it wasn't the same gastropods as usual, was 2 new ones calling about my report yesterday.

As predicted they didn't take it very seriouly, stating that unless I'd been, "Directly threatened" or "Unless my life was in immediate danger" they "couldn't do anything, as it costs many thousands of pounds to track people down, get hold of IP addresses etc".
I pointed out my case and they seemed shocked stating "it sounded a bit extreme", with me being arrested and property seized, but that they "couldn't comment specifically on other cases".

Ultimately all they had to offer was, "block her again", "complain to KiK's admins" and they gave me URL of Internet Watchdog to make formal complaint to (I say we bombard them with complaints about SJWs and Feminazis FWIW - they wanna play dirty right?).

So basically something VERY strange is at play.... one rule for me, another for [FM1], [FM2] and company.

They were only here for a few minutes.

One rule for male victims of crime, another for female.

You enjoy paying millions of pounds a year into such a system? :/

As far as I could tell he had got into an argument with a new lady on KiK, and had reported her to the police for being abusive. I don't know enough about this to comment really. Maybe she had found his address and was actually hours away from causing him actual harm, or maybe she just sent him rude messages. Either way I'm sure it wasn't completely unprovoked.

One rule for a guy threatening to throw acid in the face of a woman on twitter and being abusive for months despite being blocked and ignore, and another rule of a woman being mean to a man on KiK. The world has gone mad.

Any time I show him the belt he starts to talk about empathy. We shouldn't hate him for what he;s done, we should imagine how terrible it is to be him right now.

date: Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 7:29 AM
subject: Scenario / Empathy

You're, as in YOU Garry Newman, are driving to work one morning. A kid from out of nowhere runs into the road for whatever reason.
You hit him. You kill him. You feel like shit. Worst day of your life.

Everything in your life was going great until then. Your clever actions were leading to desirable results.
Your discipline and hard work was a force-multiplier for those clever actions....

In the space of a few SECONDS. Everything has changed.

His family are devastated.

You either momentarily lost focus - or you were in perfect control the whole time and simply had no time to react. It was no fault of your own.

It's bad enough you have that on your conscious - but the family are a bunch of lowlife thugs, hoodlums, scallies, chavs, apply your own terminology.
And/or the kids mother goes and kills herself. Now you have 2 deaths floating about in the back of your mind.

The others want you dead.

They begin terrorizing you.

They begin doing serious harm - to you, your business, your loved ones.

You wonder WTF is going on. You think life is unfair and the Universe has turned on you. You even start to lose empathy for the kid.


The moral of the story is that life can change in a heartbeat. So far you seem to have been very lucky in life. I have been very unlucky.
I have also done some pretty dubious things.

The scenario I described is an example of serious bad luck. It wasn't your fault - or not 100%, yet your life gets trashed. Is it fair???

Basically get some >>>>>>>>>> EMPATHY <<<<<<<<<.

Your life didn't change in a heartbeat. You've been being abusive to women on dating sites for a couple of years now. I know because you've continually sent me screenshots and logs of your chats. You're being punished for who you are, not for a single uncontrollable event that could have happened to anyone.

You're dwelling on it. Still. You don't listen. I've told you time and time again to move away from this stuff. To move on and focus on something positive. But you don't listen. You invent paranoid theories to justify what you're doing. You enlist people to your cause with false truths, they become your best friends, then when they back away when they realise that you're the bad man you attack them too. You don't need someone to agree with you, to encourage you. That's what your mom and dad have been doing all your life.

You need someone to slap you around the head and tell you you're being stupid and to move on.

But yeah - keep doing what you're doing. Keep replying to my emails line by line, arguing each line. You're not convincing me of anything, you're trying to convince yourself. Keep a diary of everything the woman who got you arrested twice is doing. Log her tweets, her visits to your website. Dwell on that for years. But you won't get any encouragement from me because I told you to move on when you first got arrested. Anything negative that happened after that (and is still happening) is because you didn't listen. Maybe you never will.

This was in May this year. Andrew has emailed me over 1,000 times since then. They're the same shit. Some are aggressive, some are pleading, but they're mostly uninteresting.

Nothing else happened with him. He didn't get arrested again. He's still sending me multiple emails every day. He's still struggling to make friends, while easily turning any friends he does make into enemies. But there are glimmers of hope. I do believe that after reading these blogs he has realised that he has issues and that he needs to make changes in his life to advance it.

date: Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 10:43 AM
subject: Some positive changes

FWIW, here's some stuff that's happening here.

* Going to gym this week, and gonna start using it obsessively
* Got social worker coming tomorrow
* Been having meetings with personal coach type thing - don't worry she's not my type
* Getting pet
* Identified and noted wisdom from your blog posts
* No longer bombarding you with messages - negative or otherwise :)

Yet the emails still come. The negativity still flows. Excuses are found for contact, for negativity.

date: Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 1:52 AM
subject: Sarah's kid

I hope "your" new kid has Autism, but ideally of the low-functioning variety, so you feel it personally.

If they are Aspies you will just disown them and try to pass it off as them having personality disorders or something. Actually downs or Rainman-style Autism, either will do.

*looks at clock*

Ok, I'm gonna cut you some slack, you're probably asleep....

I wanted to help Andrew. But like everyone else that has ever tried to help, he's turned me against him. The only person that can really help Andrew is himself. As far as I can see every single choice he's made in the last 8 years has been the wrong one.
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