The Wild

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I wanna live in the wild. The film Castaway - that’s my ideal life. On an island with nothing, surviving, building shit. All you have to do all day is find food and improve your shelter.

I recently watched a TV show called Alone In The Wild where some guy did just that. They dropped him in the wild to survive on his own for 3 months. Except he didn’t. He hung around for a month, then he cried for a month, then he quit. He came to the conclusion that he could have survived - if he was allowed to shoot the moose. To me that isn’t really surviving - unless he’s got an ammo factory on the island with him - his ammo would run out and then he’d starve.

He ate 3 things. Fish - which he caught with a rod, porkupine - which he shot, and plants. And he lost a ton of weight on that diet. I don’t get how when you’ve got all day to catch food and eat you could starve - I’m not suggesting it’s easy - but if you’re going out with a fishing rod every day for a week and not getting enough food you should be thinking “maybe I’ll try a net” or “maybe there aren’t any fish here”.

So. In the ideal you’d get dropped on a desert island with a shipping container full of things you need to start surviving. What’s in your container? In mine I have:

First thing I’d do is establish camp. If the shipping container is there that’s probably become my home. If not I’d try to build a log cabin over the time I was there. I’d make it bigger, and the walls thicker, over time. 

Then while I was doing that I’d start a farm using my seeds. Maybe over time I try to get some animals breeding and farming those too. I’d be looking into routine water from a river or something by my camp.

Then I’d be set, just chilling out on my desert island for the rest of my life.

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