Steamworks Libraries

Something people always seem to have trouble with in Facepunch.Steamworks is where to put the steam libraries. Here's what we do in Rust. Windows 32 Put steam_api.dll next to the exe. Windows 64 Put steam_api64.dll next to the exe. MacOS Put libsteam_api.dylib next to the app. Linux We don't officially support 32 bit versions of linux, but there's … Continue reading Steamworks Libraries

PlasticSCM Speed Tip

We use PlasticSCM for Rust. If the repository wasn't 30gb and I didn't have to teach people how to use it, I'd probably use GitHub instead. Downloading 30GB from our PlasticSCM server was slow. Really slow. So here's a protip. Find your client.conf file - usually in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\plastic4. Open it, scroll down to <DownloadPoolSize>1</DownloadPoolSize> and … Continue reading PlasticSCM Speed Tip


Sarah had the shits all night. Apparently that's a sign that the baby is due - but we didn't know that. At about 6AM she got pains. So we calmly started timing them and writing them down in a notepad, like they tell you to. The pains were about 5 minutes apart, which is kind … Continue reading Jessica


So I’ve been working on getting Linux Garry’s Mod working this week. And it’s gone well. I’ve got it all compiling nicely, all packaged. But I haven’t been able to test it. We built a Linux testing PC but it doesn’t want to cooperate. When I start Team Fortress up it just shows a black … Continue reading Linuxxx

Trees have leaves

We had a week of sun last week. And now all the trees have booted up! The first image here is a week ago. The second is 10 seconds ago. So yeah. Just to confirm. The sun and rain makes trees grow their leaves and stuff.