Erection Failure

I was thinking the other day.. who reads this blog? It’s probably mainly guys, under 20. So I was thinking what advice could I pass on that might help someone out one day? Here it is.

When you start having sex there will be a time where your penis won’t cooperate with you. You’ll go to put the condom on and it will be half erect, but you’ll manage to get it on somehow, and she didn’t seem to notice. Then you’ll start doing it and you’ll be thinking “is it still hard”. Then you’ll look down and it won’t be. Your girlfriend will look at it, you’ll be embarassed. You’ll make eye contact. You’ll want to crawl up your own ass. She’ll blame herself, she’ll think you don’t find her attractive. You’ll start to wonder whether you actually do – your dick doesn’t, maybe you’re gay, maybe you can only get off when watching porn. Next time you will be so scared of it happening again that it will definitely happen again. It’ll probably happen for about a month. You might even consider getting Viagra or something.. but don’t!

You see the problem is that you’re thinking about the state of your erection instead of the sex. It’s like constantly thinking of a dead dog while trying to do it.

When it happened to me I reached out to a friend on MSN, I told him the story. He said something like “LOL! you faget u shoud send her 2 me ill sort er out fer ya ;)”.

About a month later he messaged me. Except it wasn’t him, it was his girlfriend. She said she’d read the chat history – and not to worry about it. It’d happened with her and my friend – except he CRIED when it happened to him. Clever really because I’m sure it completely blew over the embarrassment of not being able to maintain an erection.

6 thoughts on “Erection Failure

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  2. Really old post, but this has happened to me in exact same context and situation. Again it was spring break and I was exhausted but same result. Hopefully it solves itself, glad to see that it wasn’t just me having such a event. I needed this, thanks Garry.

  3. This is perfectly normal, it will happen more often after 30 due to several factors like stress, being tired, too much masturbation :)). The girls usually try to help. What really helps is getting a good sleep before, staying fit and of course not getting stressed (doh). It will happen, and when it does so not panic, cry – avoid any other pointless reactions or excuses. Just stop, get some sleep and try again when you wake up. It will definitely work. At least it works for me :)

  4. double really old post, but kind of relevant.

    with a condom on I find its much harder to maintain without constant stimulation and it goes away much faster, more so when stressed or frustrated.

    first experience of this was when I was having sex with a girl last year (not for the first time with said girl), she was having a little bit of trouble herself getting all comfortable and relaxed for whatever reason and she tightened up a lot making it nigh on impossible to get it in there without it being painful for her.

    she was taking it well and was just laughing it off, but after trying 3-4 different positions and angles it still just wasnt doing it for her and I started to get really frustrated, and I hit a point where I just went limp in the space of a minute.

    all was well though, if the other party isnt a total asshole then they are gonna understand. we fooled about for a bit more and got a new condom out then everything went smoothly.

    I try not to get flustered and embarrassed by odd situations like that because I realize that most other people experience the same thing at some point in their life, and its all part of building your character and earning your stripes as a young adult.

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