Coffee Shirt

Earlier in the week I was waiting for a parcel to be delivered. When it came I answered the door, signed for it, and said thanks to the guy. As he was leaving I saw he gave me a funny look. When I went in the house I realised that I’d spilled coffee all down the front of my tshirt as I got up to get the door.

So I was pretty embarrassed and ashamed about it, what must he have thought. Maybe he thought I was a heroin addict, or like I’d just threw up on myself, or I’d been wearing the same shirt for days. But then I figured fuck it – I won’t ever see him again why do I care so much, right?

Well the next day I had another parcel delivered and it was the same guy. Neither of us mentioned it though.

One thought on “Coffee Shirt

  1. That’s what I say when I do something courageous/stupid in front of people.

    You can think so and ignore the shame/embarrassment but within a limits, we are humans you can’t override basic human behaviour, well just a bit.
    Even though you feel more like a “sur homme” (FR), you still own the basic shitty human reactions.

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