Hey Garry, which do you prefer? Android or iOS, and why?

iOS. Because I love my iPhone :)

I’m sure I’m going to be told different – but it seems to me like Android is kind of like Windows where instead of using the Windows API to draw Windows, everyone uses their own. So every app is like if a graphics card driver tweaker from the late 90s.

This is probably old information now – since it’s been a while since I used an Android phone. The things I like about iOS are the smooth animations (something lacking from Android at the time – evident in the first 5 seconds of using it via the unlock screen, which seemed to operate at 5fps). All of the native apps have a consistent, friendly, intuitive style.

A lot of people argue against iOS because it’s “locked down”. There’s no task manager – how do you know what app is using all your memory!?! I don’t want to have to worry about that stuff on my phone, I just want it to work. In the same way that I don’t have to for my watch, or my TV, or my toaster. It just works.