Mailbag – Questions

Remember when I used to do mailbags? Well here it is again.

Post your questions in the comments, or send an email to

When there’s enough I will answer them all in a post.

45 thoughts on “Mailbag – Questions

  1. What’s with the new 1000 post limit, seriously? Maybe if it was upped to 2 or 3000 it wouldn’t be such a problem but popular threads and megathreads are being forced to remake threads almost daily now and it’s pretty annoying and painful to be honest and it’s receiving a generally bad response.

  2. Will we see a new “Fretta” gamemode contest challenge with cash prizes and native shipping of the gamemode in Garry’s Mod.

    Besides Rust and Garry’s Mod, what is Facepunch Studios LTD working on?

  3. are you ever going to change the fastdl system so it can download huge compressed files that contain many individual files rather than the current system of downloading compressed 3kb files?

    1. What’s the obsession with this one anyway? It makes more sense to pack individual files and only download the ones that a client actually needs, surely

      1. Because the game basically does this:
        Download 32KB file > stop downloading and unpack file > download 10KB file.
        Model files and similar things are particularly prone to this.
        So in the end it takes like half an hour to transmit a few hundred MB.

        Maybe the way I’m suggesting isn’t the best way of fixing it, but something needs to be done as no one wants to join a server which takes 4 hours to download shit for.

      2. I should also add its something I’ve spoken to a few popular server owners about; they are basically hesitant to push the game to its limits by adding lots of content because people will not wait for the ridiculously slow downloads.

        Also the lack of a REAL progress bar is a huge detriment. Many times you won’t even have a visual indication of how long there is to go it’ll just sit downloading for ages.

        Ideally it should tell you an actual ETA, download speed, that kind of shit.

      3. Interestingly, GoldSrc games actually had a proper download dialog, which showed overall progress and download progress for the current file, as well as an ETA.

        For example, this screenshot from HL:Opposing Force.

      4. (replying to soupcan but there is no way to reply to a third layer comment)
        I’ve seen a similar timer in various source games but it only concerns the one file. As gmod is, you join a server not knowing how much custom content is actually going to need to be downloaded. It could be 3MB and it could be 300MB.

        It would be nice to at least know what kind of wait you’re in for. Bandwidth is cheap too–so people who have these huge 10mbit-100mbit connections should be able to download stuff faster (obviously depending on server speed) and know what kind of wait to expect.

        And on the note of downloading dupe files etc, the game could just split things into a few large files (i.e. 10 x 10MB) so its actually an effective usage of the download time. It’s pretty much like watching 1000 files upload over FTP/SFTP–if you jam them in a single compressed file it ends up taking much less time than accessing individual files.

  4. Do you see linux support for gmod happening in the short term or the long term? Or not at all?

    1. Garry is already about done porting Garry’s Mod. He’s just waiting for Awesomium 1.7 to be released so he can finish the Linux version.

  5. How to change the Steam message notification pop up to pop from the bottom right corner like it used to in GMod 10? Something in GMod 13 overrides Steam/resource/styles/gameoverlay.styles -> Notifications.PanelPosition BottomRight and it always pops up from the “TopRight” corner instead of BottomRight. Please fix this, it’s pretty annoying in TTT when the pop up hides the body identification things that are in the top right corner and I really wouldn’t want to disable it either. Thanks.

  6. remember when gmod first started it was a huge mystery as to who you were then you posted a picture up of a middle aged man with a camera covering half his face and you said it was you? Then some guys over at garrys mod central pinged your website or something and found your address out so you made gmod central a ban word.
    people are dicks.

  7. u could never ever work for a company could you because u wont do anything if it doesn’t make sense to u ur lucky u got gmod

  8. I am currently learning code like ruby python JavaScript but I wanna know how did you learn to code? Computer course in college? Or through the web? Il’d love to know.

  9. Do you intend on adding in a option in the menus to turn blood on/off. Which will attract younger audiences…

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