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The mailbag post I made a few days ago got a lot of attention. Lots of speculation about my game idea. I get why, but I fucking hate it. Nothing we ever make will live up to the success of GMod. I don’t want to be a AAA studio making massive budget AAA games. I want us to make small indie games. I want to be like introversion – not gearbox. So when people hype themselves up it’s only setting everyone up for a fall.

So anyway. We’re still in the process of renovating the office and hiring a team. We’ve pretty much hired two really promising artists so far – hopefully to be starting in April.. and our new receptionist started today. I’m struggling to find programmers though. It seems good programmers are few and far between.

We advertised on monster for a UI/graphic artist and a programmer. There have been about 10 times more applicants for the artist position than the programmer position. A lot of people applying for the programmer job have very little actual experience. One guy applied with no computer experience at all.. his only work experience was running a pub. He listed one of his hobbies as reading the holy bible.

Maybe monster is the wrong place to be hiring programmers. Where should I be advertising? Do you know anyone that’s looking?

We’ve been concentrating on getting our reception area and meeting room finished over the last couple of weeks. Here’s some photos!

2013-03-02 09.42.09

2013-03-10 10.53.33

2013-03-10 10.53.51

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  1. Gamasutra has a jobs board, and is very widely accepted in the industry. Maybe magazine ads like Develop will get some attention.

  2. I good place to go is college or universities. That way you know people will have the knowledge, your not wasting your time and gives people with no real life experience an opportunity to get into work. Yes experience is a good thing but don’t be like every company out there that only hires 10+ year experience people that to get the experience needs a to get a job that only recruits people with experience.

  3. Try setting up the company on LinkedIn. There are hundreds of aspiring artists and programmers on there who are looking for work.

  4. Hi Garry,
    If you’re looking for good programmers then you should try university graduates, check out some of their projects and ask questions.

    Good programmers are out there, just that they’re getting hired before they’ve even left uni, I’m one of them.

    Send me an email and I’ll get in contact with my university about finding some excellent graduate game engine programmers for you.

    – Felix Jones

  5. Maybe the problem is that they have to be locals?
    There are many more out there, and most can’t afford moving.

  6. Garry, I’m an aspiring computer science student here in Canada, I know you require that you can come to work in Walsall, but It’s always been a dream of mine to work for a videogame firm. So maybe this is in my future. It would be a long time from now, but It would be something to strive for. I’m Ybbat on Facepunch if you care at all.

  7. @jamiethecomic
    Imo useful knowledge comes from experience, not school.
    Garry, have you posted the job offer on facepunch? – I would think some of the lua mod developers could be a nice place to start.

  8. “So when people hype themselves up it’s only setting everyone up for a fall.”
    Well, Half-Life 2 did blow pretty much everyone away…

  9. Hi Garry! it would be very good that you exposed photos of office of “facepunch” it to us very much will help for an fan-group Garry`s Mod.

  10. Hi Garry,
    I send an application to your jobs inbox a few days ago. Could you confirm that you’ve received it?

  11. The second photo makes me think to myself,

    “Aww man, this ‘s just like counter-strike.”

    The blue carpet really looks like CSS. Looks like i was a bit late to the punch though ^^

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