Is Paypal Slow

Ever since I can remember Paypal has been the slowest website in the world. Is it just my account that’s tainted with this, or is it the case for everyone?

Loading the front page:

Clicking on Find a transaction

Searching for a transaction by last name:

Viewing that transaction:

And it actually seems faster today than normal. These numbers don’t sound massive but when you’re used to websites reacting under under 200ms it seems insane.

This seems to have been the case forever, it makes me dread having to go in there to do stuff.

28 thoughts on “Is Paypal Slow

  1. Paypal works 100% fast for me and it has no downsides. First of all this website took forever for me to load. So That Proves In Different areas theirs different connections

    1. That’s a given. On a whole Paypal works well, but consistency is really important and problems happen with Paypal VERY OFTEN, especially involving Steam.

  2. Not only is it slow, its gotten worse I think. I used to find it slow back when I used it, but stopped just for that. I just tried loading it myself and my times were worse than yours. I wish there was an alternative… or they just got better servers.

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