Selling Out

The whole Minecraft being bought by Microsoft thing is stirring up a lot of anger and stupidity towards pretty much everyone involved. The things that matter on the internet and the things that matter in reality are completely different.


Once you start hiring people your whole attitude changes. You’re not just fucking about with your life anymore.. you’re fucking about with other people’s lives – and the lives of their families. You can’t just sell out and fuck everyone over. Companies like Blitz that go bust, don’t pay people what they were owed, let 175 staff go, then started up under another name almost straight away. Those are the guys you don’t want to be. I am sure more than the top guys at Mojang became very financially rich due to this deal and that’s something that should be admired – not seen as a bad thing.

Whether or not Minecraft itself is “fucked” because it’s owned by Microsoft is debatable. I’m sure Microsoft didn’t just buy it because they’re struggling desperately to stay relevant and some of their kids play it a lot. But even if they did it really isn’t in their favour to pay a shitload of money for it and then completely fuck it up. That wouldn’t make any sense. Time will be the judge on that, I guess.

Long story short. I’d have done the same thing. The money is enough to very much take care of all the staff. The game is in relatively safe hands. Mojang’s legacy is as a huge success story instead of a one hit wonder. Everyone wins. Can you seriously say you’d have done it differently?

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  1. I’m convinced that back in 2010 (in beta stage), Notch said that he intended to develop Minecraft, maintain it for a few years, then release the source code. With Microsoft buying it, this is never going to happen…

    1. That was well before Microsoft offered ridiculous amounts of money for it. At the time, he had no idea what Minecraft would become. When I pre-purchased some 10,000 people had “bought” the game according to his website counter. Now, it’s played by millions upon millions of people on the PC alone, even if you don’t count the console versions and lower featured portable version sales.

  2. Excuse me? Do I look like I care? I don’t know Notch personally – and I don’t have to give a single consideration about him or his feelings! I bought a game with the promise that it will continuously be updated, and that, once sales decline, the game will be made open source. What about his open source promise? Worthless now! All that is left is a big hypocrite called Notch who whines about being too successful, and who has the audacity to tell us that it’s “not about the money”, and that he’ll become a hipster game developer who will stop any project he’ll ever made if there is even a change that “it becomes big again”

    What a pompous big-head!

  3. Garry, have you ever even BEEN through a merger? Doesn’t sound like it to me,but whats interesting is the first paragraph of your statement is EXACTLY WHY people are pissed at Notch for dong what he did. He sold out and he fucked people over, how you may ask? Do you honestly think that the employees of Mojang currently there now are going to still BE there in 6 months after the deal goes through?

    I’ve been through about 5 mergers, twice as part of the company being merged(smaller company) and thrice as the one doing the merging(Bigger company). And let me tell you, that during such a process, there is HEAVY precedence given to the bigger company, any duplicate jobs will be axed almost immediately, and more over personnel who don’t immediately suck up and justify their existence to the new bosses, gone. the entire culture of the smaller company is completely annihilated.

    Long story short, the people at Mojang are going to be doing the following, New MS personnel will come in, and be told to learn under the Mojang personnel, the reason that they will be told is that “Everyone will be getting more people to help them delegate tasks to make life easier.”or some such but equally bullshit reason, making it almost sounding life everyone is getting an assistant or something. In reality what they are actually doing is training their replacements, they will bring them up to speed and then fire off people as each replacement essentially says they are caught up on what’s going on.

    This is how MS conducts business, this is how EA conducts business, this is also how the Drug Cartels and the Mafia do business.

    So your statement of selling out somehow securing the futures of not only yourself but of your employees you care about so much, is really a bunch of self serving none sense.

    The current Mojang employees will be training their replacements and then axed one by one, tossed out into the cold night of unemployment, how the hell can that be “taking care of your employees”

    Yes I’m sure the senior management of Mojang are fabulously wealthy now, it’s not called a Golden Parachute for no reason Garry. But that’s it, anyone who DOESN’T have one is fucked. That’s the point.

    Those that don’t will be working for a little while longer, then be fucked, and fucked hard, almost like being raped to be honest. It gives you that same feeling of worthlessness.

    So the fact that you say you would do the same thing tells me that your chomping at the bit TO sell out in which case If you have any employees, they should fucking watch out for your two faced, forked tongue ass. Because you basically just admitted that given the same opportunity, your going to fuck them the same way.

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