Paying for Mods

There’s a lot of craziness about paid mods, a lot of people who don’t know how they feel. It’s probably no big suprise that I’m all for it. I sold a mod once and everyone was angry that it was happening, until it happened and they got a much better product than they’d have gotten when it was released for free, then they seemed to calm down a bit. It has given me a carreer for 10 years. It’s bought me two houses, a bunch of cars. It’s created a company that has hired 30+ people.

So here’s some important points:

There are still free mods

A lot of the craziness seems to come from the thought that no-one will ever release their mods for free. That makes no sense.

Some stuff won’t be worth charging for. Some people won’t want paying for their stuff. If a mod takes 10 seconds to make and someone wants to charge $10 for it then they won’t sell any copies because it’s not worth it. This is how the market balances itself. They’ll either have to lower their price or make it worth the price.

You don’t have to buy anything

No-one is holding a gun to your head. You don’t need these mods, you just want them. Are they worth more to you than whatever else you’re going to spend the money on? No? Well don’t buy them, do without.

You’re a kid and you don’t have any money

So find a way to pirate them. That’s what we all did when we were kids with no money. Valve’s job is to make it more convenient for you to not pirate stuff.

People will upload stolen stuff

I’ve said it a million times – If “people are assholes on the internet” was a reason not to do something then we’d never do anything

Stuff is going to happen. There was a time where they’d almost completely stopped making PC games because of piracy. Should we really let the fact that sometimes people are assholes dictate what we do? Or should we just deal with it when it happens?

Who is winning

So lets take a look at what is in this for everyone. Who wins out of this.


  • More choice
  • Better supported mods
  • Some stuff costs money


  • Money
  • Career
  • Actual mod support from game devs (because they directly profit from it)
  • 25% revenue sucks
  • Resistance to new things

Game Developers

  • Money
  • Longevity
  • Resistance to new things


  • Money
  • Support
  • Chargebacks
  • Babysitting
  • Resistance to new things

So obviously Valve and Game Devs are the biggest winners right now. That’s the wrong way around in my opinion. The modders should be getting the majority share of the revenue from this – that just seems like common sense.

It’s obvious that Valve and the game developer need to make money here too, enough to cover costs at least – but it’s the modder’s work that is making the money. I don’t know whose choice that is though, but it feels like someone is being a greedy asshole. This is something that will get better with time.

It’s a choice

It’s most important to remember that this is a choice. You don’t have to charge for your mod. You don’t have to buy a mod. In the same way that there’s hundreds of free games on Steam right now that you’ve never played, and there’s hundreds of paid games on Steam right now that you’ve never bought.

If you don’t like it then don’t use it, but don’t take the opportunity away from people that do.

What about Garry’s Mod

It’s something we’re interested in for sure. It’s something I wanted to do when Workshop was first integrated into GMod in 2012, but the system wasn’t ready for it.

People already sell their mods for Garry’s Mod privately. Doesn’t it make sense that we bring that into Steam so those transactions can be trusted by both parties? Obviously it’s going to be hard to convince those guys to move their mods to Steam and lose 75% of their profits, but we’ll see what wiggle room we have on that.

We’ll wait to see what it looks like once the Skyrim system has stabilized and see what we can learn from it before pushing forward, but opportunity is never a bad thing to give people.

249 thoughts on “Paying for Mods

  1. I promise you 1 in 1000000 would pay for a mod and only 10 people will still be playing garry’s mod when it has paid mods.

  2. Garry, what I just read there was an all time low. First insulting many people by banning them for no reason, then selling your mod as a standalone product that requires valve games to work properly, then you supported Mojang’s CEO’s decision to sell his company and now this….

    And you know what, you signed your own death warrant to the community who supported you.

    My point is, that you just became a HUGE dick, that only cares about greed, being an asshole and supporting assholes.


    I hope you’ll have a crappy future, because sooner or later, someone will make an alternative of Gmod, that will work in Source 2 or Unreal 4 and everyone, including the people who left Gmod because of the community and You, will transfer to that game instead.

    1. I be thalf the people who commented didnt read it< He said that he doesnt want to support most of this, he wants the modders to get cash

  3. Paid mods begone…………… what is your next idea? To get money off skins or other additional game content…..

    1. although most seem to hate it ant it’s given me a slightly clearer view, don’t do it. not because I personally hate it, but because most others do, which – as a lot are saying – would then not play the game anymore and it eventally would die.

  4. I like how people are suggesting “donations” while also implying that they wouldn’t pay a penny for mods, if anyone is the cunt around here it would be the people just wanting free shit at other people’s expense in time and soul that they put into their work.

    Garry’s mod can only benefit from paid mods because no one would pay for a melongun but for decent mod creators it means they can put more time and money into their content.

    Also if you don’t want to buy a mod, just join a server that has it..

  5. get rekt no paid mods 4 u garry no grubbing 4 cash in garry’s mod lolo go finish rust 1st before u go trying 2 screw us

  6. Why cant your, garry be able to go in every now and then and get free full acsess to all mods, test some, and remove the bad ones, or overpriced ones. Or even get rid of them and change to donations.

  7. When Valve made paid mods, The people where surprised so they didn’t give a crap. People then stared to download those mods from sites, so there is no point in paid mods. Gaben got rekt, thinking he will get some money.

    GaBen’s Valve=1996-2015, Gaben Got rekt.

  8. Garry’s Mod focus’s more on mods than Skyrim does, and almost every single server has mods on them. So if you add paid mods to your game Garry, here are the results:
    1. There would be barely any players to play on servers.
    2. Garry’s Mod would die almost immediately.
    3. There would be almost no GOOD gamemodes to play.
    4. Facepunch would go bankrupt.
    5. You would lose a lot of money.
    So next time you think about adding paid mods into your game Garry, just keep these 5 things in mind.

  9. who wins for real
    pay for mods -1
    their favorite mods may become mods you haft to pay -1

    money money money +1
    they make more paid mods -1 for users +1 for modders

    money money money +1

    game devs
    money money money +1

    users lose D:

  10. No game should have paid mods. It’s a fucking mod, it’s not a whole new game, it’s not a patch that changes the game dynamics, it just modifies the existing game. People looking to get paid for figuring out how to mod their game need to take their mod and shove it up their fucking ass.

  11. “to move their mods to Steam and lose 75% of their profits”… Paid mods is just another money machine for valve… F*** Off garry newman.. We want to play this game, and you’ll end up being assasinated by the players

    1. And Garry is of course not thinking about third-party services, where people could upload mods. ?

  12. Yeah, very interesting article, I said the same thing about minecraft mods back in the days when I myself was heavily involved in creating massive mods for minecraft, everyone put me on the stakes for saying we should be able to sell mods, simply in order to keep these mods alive.

    Today half the mods are dead and even myself simply don’t care on updating or continuing work on them simply because it’s free work thats very time consuming, and game developers should realize the potential of mod developers and what that can do for your game and come to better terms in regards to dividing the money made from the sales of mods.

    For those thinking everything in life should be free, enjoy that while it last, because nobody can really work for free in life and some mod devs I’ve seen are for more experience that the actual developers that worked on the game, which means the quality of mods produce could have been superior to the game that was modded.

    Making money from mods is the exact same than selling expansion packs on games, who doesn’t hate the sims for their 20 thousands expansion packs, but we still want that extra content, and the same goes for mods, we want extra content and features all the time on almost any game, but we simply never prepared to pay for it we want it for free, for some amazing reason guees that’s human nature.

  13. IT doesnt matter at all guys.Do you know how easy it is to pirate a mod once its paid?

  14. Pay for mods ? No….Je…..Jesus what the fuck Garry? You fucking kidding me ? I love garry’s mod so much, all these mods, addons and other cool stuff its like a game of god or funny sandbox and its just fun to play with friends….But…….If you add in the future to pay for mods…I will ….I will bring the fucking big army than your garry’s mod and i will cut your eyes,ears and shoot u in the head. You are like an asshole just about money money money and money…You doesn’t matter about players and kids.

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