I have a big problem with big politics. I have a problem aligning myself with a party. It’s messy.

Issues aren’t black and white. I feel like by aligning myself to a particular party because I agree with them the most, I’m betraying my opinions on all the stuff I don’t agree with them on.

I feel like there’s longer term problems with choosing a side. You find yourself blindly defending your party out of loyalty. Even if you didn’t initially agree with their views on certain issues you’re more receptive to their point of view. You want to be convinced by them. While you end up being militant to any idea put forward by opposing parties – even if it’s a good one. So you end up getting entrenched in your views, and the views of the party. You can’t pick and choose what you believe in.

Then you have the problem of being lumped in with the rest of the party. As a member of that party you have to defend those opinions that you might not necessarily agree with. And the people you’re defending them to aren’t listening, they’re towing their own line, you’re never going to convince them, they’re never going to convince you.

It always seems like a weird way to do things. Voting for one party to be in charge of everything because you disagree with the least of their policies. You might agree with Party A on education but disagree with them on taxes. Would it make more sense to vote for who handles each area?

I don’t know. That’s why I’m a political atheist. Fuck it.

5 thoughts on “Politics

  1. This is especially true in the UK where there is no such thing as right-wing progressive, not in the slightest.

  2. Truth, brother! I pose we should use an online voting system for separate issues. The system will calculate if your choices are financially viable and what repercussions they could have. Also, there will be required intelligence test with each voting. The results of the intelligence test will not be shared: not to the voter, nor to other parties. Failing the intelligence test however, will silently make your vote invalid.

  3. I agree, especially since I once was a representative of a political party in my city. It feels like people who get involved in politics treat their party as their favorite hockey team, always cheering even if the other team clearly has a valid point. At the end of the day I hope I end up in a place where apathy is a valid option.

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